Meaning of bird's-nesting in English:



mass noun
  • The action or practice of hunting for birds' nests in order to take the eggs.

    ‘“Scramble through the hedges, and jump the streams, and swing on the gates, and go bird’s-nesting in the hedges?”’
    • ‘We were out with my dad in the garden when we weren't bird's-nesting.’
    • ‘Bird's-nesting is very like big-game shooting--you look out in places that, as a hunter, you know are likely haunts of the birds you want; you watch the birds fly in and out and you find the nest.’
    • ‘One January I went "bird's-nesting" with a party of Scout-masters.’
    • ‘There was, for example, the time she went bird's nesting, slipped down the tree, tore her new red Sunday dress and tried to patch it with black cotton before her mother found out.’