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bird flu


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mass noun
  • A severe, often fatal, type of influenza that affects birds, especially poultry, and that can also be transmitted to humans.

    ‘The fear is that human and bird flu virus could mix in pigs and form a strain more easily transmittable to humans.’
    • ‘Supply is not keeping up with demand for the antiviral drug that may lessen the bird flu in humans.’
    • ‘Right now there is a huge concern about bird flu crossing into the human population.’
    • ‘Their study is the first to suggest that bird flu can be transmitted to humans from wild birds.’
    • ‘Firstly, it is ‘a bird flu virus poorly adapted to humans for whom it is not very infectious’.’
    • ‘An effective vaccine cannot be manufactured yet because a mutant strain of bird flu passing between humans has not been seen.’
    • ‘Dozens of tigers died recently from bird flu after contracting the virus from raw chickens they were fed.’
    • ‘There are no current reports of bird flu in animals or humans in Australia.’
    • ‘So far, no cases of humans being infected with bird flu have been registered.’
    • ‘More than 100 people have died from bird flu worldwide but the virus has so far not been spread from person to person.’
    • ‘The country accounts for more than two-thirds of total human fatalities from bird flu.’
    • ‘Our recent outbreak of bird flu has devastated the poultry industry of a number of countries.’
    • ‘The recent reports of bird flu among humans in both Asia and Europe have thrown the world into a panic.’
    • ‘Most of the human victims of bird flu appear to have contracted the disease through close contact with chickens.’
    • ‘When a pig contracts bird flu, the flu virus can mutate to attach to the human-like pig receptors.’
    • ‘China has not confirmed any cases in people and bird flu remains hard for humans to catch.’
    • ‘Most of the human deaths from bird flu have been linked to contact with sick birds.’
    • ‘Symptoms of bird flu are similar to human flu and it cannot be detected without lab tests.’
    • ‘An outbreak of bird flu in poultry in Vietnam has killed at least six people.’
    • ‘If the tests are successful, it would be the first vaccine in the world to treat human cases of bird flu.’