Meaning of bird ringing in English:

bird ringing


mass nounBritish
  • The practice of catching birds, marking them with an identifying band around the leg, and then releasing them.

    North American term bird banding

    ‘In the late 1950s when youthful Chris Mead was bird ringing at Barn Elms Reservoir, I was an even younger budding ringer at Beddington Sewage Farm, and we often caught each other's birds.’
    • ‘All birds were caught with mistnets at night on intertidal flats in the Wadden Sea (under Dutch bird ringing center license numbers 851 and 351 for knots and turnstones, respectively).’
    • ‘Most activities start from 10 am and include nature trails, bird ringing, hurdle making (fashionable this), charcoal, wood turning and pole lathing.’
    • ‘This year, the ‘Delhibird’, group and the Bombay Natural History Society organised a three-day bird ringing camp at Basai, a swampy bird-rich habitat just outside Gurgaon (Haryana).’
    • ‘Bird ringing for scientific purposes started in Denmark in 1889, when H.D. Mortensen released Starlings that were fitted with metal rings engraved with successive numbers and a return address.’