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birth rate


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  • The number of live births per thousand of population per year.

    ‘a rising birth rate’
    • ‘With a declining birth rate and an ageing population, the first minister says they need fresh talent.’
    • ‘The main reason for the stagnant population was the birth rate, which plummeted after 1965.’
    • ‘The increasing demand is linked to a rising birth rate in the area bucking the national trend, which shows a decline.’
    • ‘The United States will stabilize its population by 2040 at the current birth rate.’
    • ‘The rise in the world's population is slowing down: India now has a birth rate lower than America in the 1950s.’
    • ‘A declining birth rate not only means fewer kids but also an ageing population.’
    • ‘With the oldest population in the world and the lowest birth rate, Japan's crisis is just beginning.’
    • ‘In general the death rate is four for every thousand, while the birth rate is twenty-nine for every thousand.’
    • ‘She asserts that the community's death rate has risen sharply, while the birth rate has crashed.’
    • ‘A drop in population had to impact the birth rate which, in turn, would have an impact on future population figures.’
    • ‘Catholics had a birth rate approximately double that of the Protestant population.’
    • ‘At a public meeting held for residents, numerous people raised the point of what would happen if the birth rate rose and there were no places for the children.’
    • ‘Poverty is also contributing to the falling birth rate.’
    • ‘Statistics from the period show that the birth rate for Turks was about two percent compared to just above zero for Bulgarians.’
    • ‘One could also speculate on the link to the low birth rate, which usually is ascribed to an under-performing economy.’
    • ‘If they were relevant, the birth rate among the poor would be significantly lower than among better off families, which has never been the case.’
    • ‘The birth rate in the U.S. is much higher than in European countries like Sweden and Switzerland.’
    • ‘France tries to boost its falling birth rate with more money for mothers.’
    • ‘The birth rate has been described as exceptional and has delighted park rangers, who would normally expect only two joeys to be born annually.’
    • ‘In that period, the business birth rate actually fell from 30.4 to 27.5 per 10,000 adults.’