Meaning of biscotti in English:


Pronunciation /bɪˈskɒti/

plural nounbiscotto

  • Small rectangular biscuits containing nuts, made originally in Italy.

    ‘Still, the service was worth braving for the terrific, crispy cantucci, biscotti, and amaretti, richly-scented with aromatic bitter almonds.’
    • ‘We could not manage dessert despite temptations such as the lime and honey panna cotta with honey-glazed figs and apricot biscotti plus some excellent dessert wines.’
    • ‘That pretty much boils down to biscotti and ginger cookies, with a handful of others thrown in.’
    • ‘You can also fill this person's basket with organic chocolate cookies, biscotti, chocolate bars and hot cocoa.’
    • ‘A plate of ripe cheeses is always available, and a dessert or two; Jenkins bakes the chocolate-almond cake and biscotti in-house.’
    • ‘A dessert plate covered in a mix of sweet treats, coconut and raspberry jam cookies plus biscotti and brownies, all homemade, was just as tempting.’
    • ‘Until then, I'm sticking to the Boutari Moschofilero at $7 a glass - and a ribbon-tied bagful of raisin-studded biscotti to bring home.’
    • ‘Although references I've found describe it as a sweet yeast bread, just a bit denser than panettone, Peter's version is more cakey than yeasty, a texture reminiscent of biscotti, but moister.’
    • ‘Or if I toast too many nuts and have a handful leftover, I'll make a batch of biscotti.’
    • ‘To finish, we had the trio of crème brûlée with biscotti, and the rice pudding with armagnac prunes.’
    • ‘The choices were biscotti, muffins, quick bread, chocolate cake, and cookies.’
    • ‘Laurel will produce aromatic fruit pies, nut-filled cookies and biscotti, and other nostalgic treats in their seasons.’
    • ‘The same fruits had been used in the accompanying biscotti, that traditional Italian twice-cooked biscuit.’
    • ‘If you like, you can drizzle melted chocolate over the biscotti.’
    • ‘They have skipped supper, only nibbling a little on scones and biscotti, and they are hungry.’
    • ‘Creme de Menthe hot chocolate and biscotti are perfect served together and stand out served by themselves.’
    • ‘It was a warm May day, so we were sitting at a bistro table outside, having biscotti and chai.’
    • ‘I will take a Coke, some biscotti, a strawberry cupcake, and a cake.’
    • ‘The meal comes to a leisurely close with wedges of custard-filled torta or purchased almond biscotti served with vin santo, a sweet golden dessert wine, or espresso.’
    • ‘Cookies, such as twice-baked biscotti and sesame-seed varieties, could be shaped into forms with religious significance.’