Meaning of biscuit tin in English:

biscuit tin


  • An airtight metal container used for storing biscuits.

    ‘he raided the biscuit tin in the kitchen’
    • ‘Having less than seven hours' sleep can stimulate hunger, so no wonder we hit the biscuit tin at teatime.’
    • ‘Tea revolved around the contents of the biscuit tins.’
    • ‘When you are feeling frayed, don't reach for the biscuit tin.’
    • ‘There is no other money hidden in the club biscuit tin.’
    • ‘I reached for the gold-foil wrapped biscuit in the festive biscuit tin.’
    • ‘The food is stored in a biscuit tin under the hamster's cage.’
    • ‘Mum is going to watch television with a cup of camomile tea and Dad's biscuit tin within reach.’
    • ‘Help yourself to the digestives in the biscuit-tin.’
    • ‘He lets the protagonists harangue each other for as long as it takes to make himself a cup of tea and rifle the biscuit tin.’
    • ‘I'll put the milk in the cups, you raid the biscuit tin.’