Meaning of biscuity in English:



See biscuit

‘There are about a dozen curries to have inside your roti: The potato-chickpea one is full of toasty cardamom seeds and has a biscuity, savory, warm, mustard-tinged loveliness to it.’
  • ‘Made by the traditional method, similar to the one used in Champagne, but any biscuity layers or dried-fruit complexity have been swamped by the black-grape flavours - in this case, of raspberry purée.’
  • ‘It was a sticky, toffee-like, delicious, crunchy, biscuity, sticky in your teeth kind of affair with the sesame flavouring it with desirable nuttiness.’
  • ‘The sweet wines are simply too boring when young; the sweetness is more a biscuity softness, with a touch of honey and a peculiar ripe-apple fruit.’
  • ‘If you order it in house, they give you some crackers and a nice biscuity roll with unsalted butter.’