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  • A humpbacked shaggy-haired wild ox native to North America and Europe.

    Genus Bison, family Bovidae: B. bison of North American prairies (also called and buffalo and ), and B. bonasus of European forests (also called and wisent and ), now found only in Poland. These are sometimes regarded as a single species

    ‘Today the wood and plains bison in North America are the only surviving populations.’
    • ‘From North America came squirrels and raccoons, bears and bison, eagles and an elk.’
    • ‘Elks and bison, it seems, adapted better to the new landscape than mammoths and horses.’
    • ‘Wild bison roamed the streets in America and Canada when once they had walked the plains.’
    • ‘The bison naturally migrate to Horse Butte during the winter to find food and escape deep snows.’
    • ‘Doubtless they hunted horses there, as well as the roaming bison, woolly rhino and hyena.’
    • ‘Then, in 1997, Igor organized an effort to bring the European bison back to the forest.’
    • ‘One of his subjects was a male bison sent to Paris from the United States in 1819.’
    • ‘Sometimes they used the flames to drive the bison someplace for easier and safer killing by people on foot.’
    • ‘They were once hunted by sportsmen in India as ‘big game’ as was the American bison.’
    • ‘It appears to depict a bison's head and forequarters attached to a humanlike body.’
    • ‘The archaeologists last week unearthed engravings of a bison, another ibex, part of a horse and some triangular shapes.’
    • ‘Wolves primarily hunt in packs for large prey such as moose, elk, bison, musk oxen, and reindeer.’
    • ‘There are tigers here, but it's elephants, monkeys and bison that you're most likely to see sipping at the reserve's lakes.’
    • ‘The cowboys left long ago, but the elk, bison, pronghorns, coyote and moose are still at large in a chilly wilderness.’
    • ‘Among the animals most commonly represented are the bison, the bull and the horse.’
    • ‘Expect to spot bison, elk, deer, moose, coyote and many winter birds during your ski.’
    • ‘The haste to pass the area before dusk when elephants and bison come to the waterholes added anxiety to exhaustion.’
    • ‘The only thing I can figure is that they want the diseased bison to infect cattle and thereby harm the beef industry.’
    • ‘Grazing has always been allowed because cattle mimic the impact bison had on the natural landscape.’


Late Middle English from Latin, ultimately of Germanic origin and related to wisent.