Meaning of bistoury in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɪstʊri/

nounplural noun bistouries

  • A surgical knife with a long, narrow, straight or curved blade.

    ‘Everything was recorded: Félix cut twice with the bistoury and eight times with scissors.’
    • ‘The instruments which he originally used were more often the bistoury or scalpel, although the clarinet was not absent in his life.’
    • ‘The cutting blade 1 of the bistoury and the mechanism for fitting it in the handle are known and therefore they are not described herein.’
    • ‘It is necessary to use all possible tools to aid the patient, because it is clear that we cannot solve everything with bistouries or tablets.’
    • ‘The material collected was analyzed under optical microscope, and dissected with the help of 2 bistouries to liberate the spermatozoa from the tissue.’


Mid 18th century from French bistouri, originally bistorie ‘dagger’, of unknown origin.