Meaning of bitch face in English:

bitch face


  • (typically with reference to a woman) a sullen or scowling facial expression, especially as the natural cast of a person's features.

    • ‘I have a bitch face too! That's why people talk to my friends first instead of me!’
    • ‘there's no reason to be rude and put on a bitch face when someone's just being friendly’
    • ‘She strapped on her bitch face and attitude.’
    • ‘"Damn," Pete thought, wincing from Debbie's bitch face.’
    • ‘I looked at them in a "hello, how are you" sort of way and they looked at me in a "drop dead, bitch face" sort of way.’
    • ‘Would you rather be cursed with resting bitch face for the rest of your life or battle a recurring beauty problem - like frizzy hair - for life?’
    • ‘She definitely has the permanent bitch face down pat to be a model.’
    • ‘He has an extreme bitch face and kind of looks like he's always plotting something behind those baby blues.’
    • ‘You can imagine things are pretty hectic at the moment (hence the chronic bitch face I seem to be sporting in these photographs).’
    • ‘They brag that the reason they are not harassed more often is because they go through life wearing a "default bitch face".’