Meaning of bitchfest in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɪtʃfɛst/


  • An event or interaction characterized by excessive complaining or spiteful commenting.

    • ‘they are currently having a massive bitchfest on Twitter complaining about their fans’
    • ‘The problem is that Twitter might feel like a cosy bitchfest - but it isn't.’
    • ‘Not every discussion can be a total bitchfest about how half the coaches should be fired and half the players should be cut.’
    • ‘This isn't going to be a bitchfest.’
    • ‘Like everyone else my favourite moment was the bitchfest that Craig and Bruno had with each other.’
    • ‘The sole purpose of the bitchfest seems to be to establish the superiority of their own taste.’
    • ‘The war of jealousy between the two cousins is in some ways a classic bitchfest.’
    • ‘This kind of bitchfest seems to make poor television.’
    • ‘Fortunately today's article is not another nonstop whiny bitchfest.’
    • ‘Can you imagine the hilariously entertaining bitchfest that will undoubtedly ensue?’
    • ‘Amanda walks out of this bitchfest with her head held high.’


1980s from bitch (verb) + -fest.