Meaning of bite me in English:

bite me


  • Used to express defiance against or contempt for someone.

    • ‘it's just my opinion; if you don't like it, bite me!’
    • ‘they can bite me on the travel issue’
    • ‘We drink so we can look out into nothingness and shriek "Bite me!"’
    • ‘She stuck her tongue out at him, but there was no real venom in her words, "Oh, bite me."’
    • ‘"Bite me!" I yelled in response.’
    • ‘So I'm a little predictable, bite me.’
    • ‘For those of you picky about spelling, bite me.’
    • ‘I'm going to my single bed to wallow in my bitterness now, so bite me.’
    • ‘As for your complaints that it would not qualify as a documentary because it is not factual, bite me.’
    • ‘If you have a problem with that, bite me.’
    • ‘That girl's been doing that since this morning, so you can just bite me.’
    • ‘My point is bite me and let me do what I want to my car.’