Meaning of bitonality in English:



See bitonal

‘His Keatsian Choral Symphony took many years to become established, and the austere bitonality of the Fugal Concerto and the Double Concerto for two violins puzzled even his admirers.’
  • ‘The chromaticised appoggiaturas in the melismata iron out the bitonality of the creaky accompaniment into Phrygian E minor, as the final stanza returns from recollection to the table here and now.’
  • ‘The chordal bitonality is constantly there - one thinks of Bartók and Mikrokosmos - and the dramatic interest (something Martinu is actually strong on) is maintained.’
  • ‘Satie was in advance of his time with his love of bitonality, polytonality and non-triadic harmony to name but a few of his gravity-breaking techniques.’
  • ‘Copper's style consists of a firmly tonal framework into which rogue elements of chromaticism, wrong notes (in tonal terms), bitonality are mixed in a rather naïve manner.’