Meaning of bitter lemon in English:

bitter lemon


mass nounBritish
  • A carbonated semi-sweet soft drink flavoured with lemons.

    • ‘Top up with 1/3 bitter lemon / lemonade and add a wedge of lemon.’
    • ‘Cheryl and Martin will retain the support of their regulars, even if we have to drink bitter lemon.’
    • ‘There is no possibility of controlling consumption of alcohol by people under-age if a member of An Garda Síochána has to come into a pub and has to work out who is drinking bitter lemon and who has the Bacardi Breezer.’
    • ‘I need three Heinekens, two Vodkas with bitter lemon, a Jack Daniels with Coke and a Budweiser.’
    • ‘The ‘something’ used to be gin and bitter lemon - which some friends viewed as unmanly and one, the late poet Ian Hamilton, would only order if Barnes uttered the name of the offending mixer.’
    • ‘Another thing I hate about Easy Jet is that they carry no bitter lemon, and only ‘Slimline Yuck Tonic’ to go with my gin.’
    • ‘She takes the gin and bitter lemon, she'd asked for G and T, but the music's been cranked up a notch for the post nine o'clock crowd.’
    • ‘Mo couldn't contain herself any longer, and covered her smirk with a twist of gin and bitter lemon.’
    • ‘For someone that we used to joke about that could get tipsy on a bitter lemon, this was not a good sign.’


bitter lemon