Meaning of bitterly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɪtəli/

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  • 1In an angry, hurt, or resentful way.

    ‘passengers complained bitterly about grand promises made by the company’
    • ‘they quarrelled bitterly over the terms of the loan’
    • ‘In the role of the empress, she portrays the transformation from loving-hearted girl to bitterly disillusioned woman.’
    • ‘At the Union Square market, farmers complain bitterly of shrinking sales.’
    • ‘I tottered about the streets, grinning bitterly at perfectly respectable people.’
    • ‘Instead of rejoicing, David bitterly weeps for his son.’
    • ‘How bitterly I hate any craftsman's cunning now!’
    • ‘He comments bitterly on his failures to the Angel of Death herself.’
    • ‘I have heard not one street-organ since, and I regret this bitterly.’
    • ‘The first chief executive feuded bitterly with his "general council," a body with whom he shared executive power.’
    • ‘Under their influence, he consents to the emasculation of his revolutionary poems before publication, a weakness he bitterly regrets.’
    • ‘Though bitterly resenting her husband's faithlessness, she remains firm in her virtue.’
  • 2as submodifier To an extreme, forceful, or particularly harsh degree.

    ‘he was bitterly opposed by the majority shareholder’
    • ‘its humour is cutting and bitterly sarcastic’
    • ‘Suddenly, a bitterly satirical movie about teenaged criminals was a liability to a film studio.’
    • ‘It compresses its bitterly touching love story into a 25-minute time frame.’
    • ‘The industry, moreover, has now convinced almost all governments and world bodies to back the bitterly disputed technology.’
    • ‘His rendition eliminates entirely the bitterly ironic and surreal imagery of a rotting, burning body hanging from a tree.’
    • ‘His bitterly honeyed voice and compelling presence have threatened to make him a star for some time.’
    • ‘Although bitterly funny at times, the picture also creates a somber mood that is very affecting.’
    • ‘This is a stereotype that is taken to often hilarious extremes in this bitterly black comedy.’
    • ‘If you want to force your ideas of story onto this experience, you will be bitterly disappointed.’
    • ‘This attempted acquisition is now ranked as one of the most bitterly fought takeover battles of recent years.’
    • ‘It's the result of a messy political process, reflecting a bitterly divided Congress and hastily crafted compromises.’
  • 3(relating to wind or weather) to an intensely cold degree.

    ‘a bitterly cold day’
    • ‘I began to reflect on the bitterly frigid winter days of my youth, when I would sit outside in the backyard of the old house.’
    • ‘The sacrifice is that all of the blood-sucking creatures that get killed during the bitterly icy winters in other parts of the country flourish in ours.’
    • ‘He officially switched on the lights, and on a bitterly frosty night, the ballpark was looking splendid.’
    • ‘Back in New York, it's bitterly freezing.’
    • ‘It's good to only be cold rather than bitterly frozen.’