Meaning of biz in English:


Pronunciation /bɪz/

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  • A business, especially one connected with entertainment.

    • ‘the music biz’
    • ‘There's nothing like going after the entertainment biz to drum up some headlines.’
    • ‘In the parlance of the entertainment biz, these companies were really just projects.’
    • ‘As mentioned before, I made my living as a song and dance man in the entertainment biz.’
    • ‘Usually, these songs don't come from the heavyweight and cool end of the music biz, more the top forty pop 'n' fizz market.’
    • ‘Complex copyright law is becoming de rigueur for those interested in the music biz.’
    • ‘It's in their own interest if they want to get on in the music biz.’
    • ‘He's also got one of the best jobs in the biz - he's an entertainment lawyer.’
    • ‘Until then, demand will fuel increased growth throughout the chip biz.’
    • ‘It was truly humbling to be in such great company and to place second after only six months in the blogging biz.’
    • ‘In the news biz, a worthless story is still worth more than no story at all.’
    • ‘What you are trying to do as a consumer is maximize the quality-to-price ratio, or QPR as it is known in the biz.’
    • ‘Peter has been in the comedy biz for a long time, sixteen years in fact, whipping crowds into a frenzy.’
    • ‘During his days in advertising and TV, he literally rubbed shoulders with the glam biz.’
    • ‘The other day, she described her first recording session since leaving the record biz.’
    • ‘Getting it wrong is commonplace in the news biz today, both print and electronic.’
    • ‘Luke's in the biz, so he was often away rehearsing or performing.’
    • ‘She has a great new fragrance out and she is back in the biz with a couple of great films coming out.’
    • ‘If there is one profession where the celebrity children seem to be joining in droves it's the Bollywood biz.’
    • ‘In past years the program has provided a boost to young women looking to get valuable experience in the film biz.’
    • ‘Truth is though that the record biz has succumbed to the old-fashioned science of statistical analysis.’


Mid 19th century (originally US): abbreviation.