Meaning of bizzo in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɪzəʊ/

nounplural noun bizzos

informal Australian, New Zealand
  • Used to refer to something one does not wish to name specifically.

    • ‘we don't want this to turn into one of those pie-in-the-sky bizzos’
    • ‘there's a lot of environmentally friendly bizzo afoot around here’
    • ‘So there's good and bad and a lot of it boils down to if the magistrate's understanding and culturally aware and all that sort of bizzo.’
    • ‘She scooped up the bizzo with a hand clad in a plastic bag.’
    • ‘It's tough yakka, this book bizzo.’
    • ‘Truth be told most of us would rather they weren't trying to play hide the sausage with Australian jobs over this free trade bizzo.’
    • ‘I just watched the bizzo on the need to go nuclear to avoid global warming.’
    • ‘Is there somewhere you can point me to a bit more info about the whole bizzo please?’
    • ‘Maybe I do need a bit of help with this 'sleeping through the night' bizzo.’
    • ‘"There but for the grace of" has probably occurred to more than a few parliamentarians, and the fact that the Senate was sitting concurrent with all this bizzo might also give pause for thought.’
    • ‘I have an official gig this weekend as a secret spy reporter and I am of course very excited about the whole bizzo.’
    • ‘We've been assured that all is well this time around, but we won't be sure until we get there, log in, and do the bizzo.’


1960s contraction of business + -o.