Meaning of black armband in English:

black armband


  • 1A strip of black material worn round the upper arm as a mark of respect for someone who has recently died.

    ‘many staff members wore black armbands to commemorate the tragedy’
    • ‘When George V died the whole of London donned black armbands.’
    • ‘Then we held a silent march with black armbands.’
    • ‘If you see a bike courier wearing a black armband this week, it's for a 22-year-old messenger who died last Saturday afternoon.’
    • ‘The teams carried on bravely, both wearing black armbands.’
    • ‘Shops closed to mark the Royal death, and men wore black armbands to mourn.’
    • ‘Some members of the participating teams wore black armbands, in his memory.’
    • ‘Jockeys will wear black armbands in every race throughout the three days of the Grand National and there will be one-minute silences when the horses are at the post.’
    • ‘The team wore black armbands on day two of the second cricket test against South Africa.’
    • ‘Both teams wore black armbands in tribute to the player who died just over a month short of his 34th birthday from cancer.’
    • ‘She remembers having to wear a white flower in her hair and a black armband.’
  • 2Australian, New Zealand derogatory A view that emphasizes the negative aspects of Australian history, especially by focusing on the dispossession and ill treatment of the indigenous people.

    Compare with white blindfold

    • ‘he denounced the black armband view of history’
    • ‘He declared: "I profoundly reject the black armband view of Australian history."’
    • ‘It refutes the "black armband" view of Australian history and seeks to overturn the concept of white guilt and black victimhood which have become embedded in the national psyche.’
    • ‘His "black armband" view of indigenous history has made him a favourite target of the reactionary right.’
    • ‘He has refused to accept the black armband version of our history.’
    • ‘This tendency continues to this very day with historians speaking disparagingly of a "black armband" approach to history.’
    • ‘He has stated he won't allow a "black armband" view of Australian history to dominate the classroom.’
    • ‘I accept that Australia's history involved great injustice, oppression and dispossession of indigenous people, wholesale death by disease and significant levels of violent killing, though less than claimed by the most extreme "black armband" adherents.’
    • ‘The fact that Cathie clearly has an opinion does not make her a "shill" for the 'black armband' mob.’
    • ‘What so-called 'black armband historians' do is expose the myth that there was this unified time and place where everyone lived happily together in a community.’
    • ‘If they represent what some have called 'a black armband view of history', I for one wear it as a mark of sorrow and as a commitment to reconciliation.’