Meaning of black bryony in English:

black bryony

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  • A climbing European hedgerow plant with broad glossy leaves, poisonous red berries, and black tubers.

    Tamus communis, the only European member of the yam family (Dioscoreaceae)

    ‘This is a soothing cream formulated from the fresh root of the wild black bryony to bring relief.’
    • ‘Cases of an allergic contact dermatitis from black bryony have been described by the researchers.’
    • ‘Wash the black bryony and remove the lower hard part.’
    • ‘A rather undistinguished twining plant with shiny heart- or arrow-shaped leaves and small, green 6-petalled flowers, black bryony grows in woods and hedges.’
    • ‘Along the coastal line and in the internal part as far as the foot of the mount of Cumae it is easy to find: buntings, camomile, rosemary, ilexes, strawberry-trees, lentisk, junipers, black bryonies, and butcher's brooms.’