Meaning of black English in English:

black English

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mass noun
  • Any of various forms of English spoken by black people, especially as an urban dialect in the US.

    ‘These children come to school with a rich set of collective experiences and a particular, well-developed dialect - black English.’
    • ‘I have just been reading the thoroughly sensible things that she says about black English and standard English.’
    • ‘‘I remember he wrote an article in The New York Times in 1979 asking ‘If black English isn't a language, tell me what it is.’’
    • ‘I must agree with the verdict that the black English terms HIP, DIG, and JIVE are not borrowings from an African language.’
    • ‘Like the black English which Kai Ting adopts, symbols of Jewish identity become part of his vocabulary and a reference point for describing his own Chinese identity.’