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black out

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phrasal verb

  • 1Experience a sudden and temporary loss of consciousness.

    ‘she felt dizzy and almost blacked out’
    • ‘He could feel his consciousness shutting down, blacking out…’
    • ‘The sound of the report still echoed in his ears, and with this as his lullaby, he finally lost consciousness and blacked out.’
    • ‘The last thing she heard before she blacked out was a sudden increase in noise and panic.’
    • ‘He was about to take his first step into the desert when all of a sudden he blacked out.’
    • ‘He felt something warm splash him just before he gave up his hold on consciousness and blacked out.’
    • ‘Shirley's breathing became so distorted that by the time he faded to just six breaths per minute and then lost consciousness, Shirley was also on the verge of blacking out.’
    • ‘For a second, the world began to spin, and she was afraid she might black out, but that passed.’
    • ‘He believes he blacked out at least five times before he regained consciousness in the shallows by the river bank.’
    • ‘This sort of thing happens to her all the time - and the cure will be more drink, until she blacks out again.’
    • ‘His agent, who is planning a controversial exhibit of the photos Alex took just prior to blacking out underwater, is pressuring him to attend the show's opening.’
    faint, lose consciousness, pass out, collapse, keel over
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    1. 1.1Experience a temporary loss of memory during a period of alcohol intoxication.
      • ‘the bridesmaid claims she blacked out during pre-wedding celebrations’
  • 2black something out, black out somethingCause the lights in a place to be extinguished, typically as a result of a failure in the electricity supply.

    ‘hundreds of homes remain without power since heavy snow blacked out the whole island’
    • ‘Chicago was blacked out yesterday after a freak flood’
    • ‘His readers learnt that when gigantic portraits of Stalin were illuminated by electricity entire apartment blocks were blacked out.’
    • ‘At midnight, all the city is blacked out, but the giant bronze statue on Chanamsan Hill remains illuminated brilliantly with a spotlight.’
    • ‘Then all the lights went out and the building was blacked out.’
    • ‘Utilities refused to disclose which areas were blacked out, but the effects were obvious - traffic lights went out for a second day across the San Francisco Bay area.’
    • ‘It was so dark the whole of the city was blacked out, and the only light was from the fire.’
    • ‘Your house is blacked out too; your mom says trees are falling in the streets and she doesn't want you driving.’
    • ‘Both compartments were blacked out from 1600 h until 0800 h each day so that plants in the two compartments received a similar light integral.’
    • ‘Just by sheer luck the uniforms had been ironed minutes before the house was blacked out.’
    1. 2.1black something out, black out somethingCover, obscure, or extinguish a source of light.
      ‘the windows were blacked out so we couldn't see anything’
      • ‘an electrical failure blacked out the lights’
      • ‘She did not have to worry about someone seeing the lights from outside because the windows were blacked out.’
      • ‘The floodlights will be switched on for afternoon games and the dressing-room windows will be blacked out as his team launch a desperate attempt to avoid relegation.’
      • ‘The windows have been blacked out and in place of the flimsy trade-show stands we have modular screens, creating the feeling of separate rooms.’
      • ‘Its rear windows have been blacked out and the rear box is higher than the cab, which is of normal car size.’
      • ‘Inside the windows are blacked out; the destination unknown.’
      • ‘The police could not confirm the number of attackers involved because the getaway vehicle's windows were blacked out.’
      • ‘By then, the windows had been blacked out and the doors were sealed.’
      • ‘‘I walked in and the lights had been blacked out,’ he says.’
      • ‘The boats were blacked out and you weren't allowed to shine a light.’
      • ‘I don't know why but it was not blacked out so you could see in the compartment.’
      darken, make dark, make darker, shade, turn off the lights in
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    2. 2.2black out(of lights) be extinguished as a a result of a failure in the electricity supply.
      • ‘localized flooding closed roads and traffic lights blacked out throughout the metropolitan area’
  • 3black something out, black out somethingObscure something completely so that it cannot be read or seen.

    ‘the number plate had been blacked out with masking tape’
    • ‘the accusers' names are blacked out in the harassment reports’
    • ‘my brain appears to have blacked out any early memories of my first Halloween costume’
    • ‘The draft report on the wrongful detention of the resident can't be read in it's entirety because sections have been blacked out.’
    • ‘The website set up by the company is still online but the freephone number has been blacked out.’
    • ‘We can only tell that the informant was a women because there's a 3 letter pronoun that's often mentioned and they black it out and of course if it's a 3 letter pronoun it's a she.’
    • ‘The mayor's office released several documents related to the lease, but the names and addresses of the city employees involved in the transactions were blacked out.’
    • ‘But their faces and names were blacked out on ABC stations owned by Sinclair Broadcasting.’
    • ‘Most of the report is blacked out, and the unclassified parts raise questions about the director without providing answers.’
    • ‘His name evidently appears in the file because he died in 1987; the names of other informants or agents are blacked out.’
    • ‘The fact that the names were blacked out, so that he could not immediately tell whose record he was reading, does not seem sufficient to justify allowing him to review the data and still call the study double-blind.’
    • ‘In fact, whole sections of these papers are blacked out.’
    • ‘However, it was heavily redacted: nearly half of the report was blacked out.’
    darken, make dark, make darker, shade, turn off the lights in
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    1. 3.1Prevent an event from being broadcast or information from being published.
      ‘only two NFL games were blacked out locally last season’
      • ‘One web site apparently blocked commentary and a broadcast on the assault was blacked out.’
      • ‘Although a well-attended press conference took place with reporters from both the American and international press corps, it was blacked out by the US news media.’
      • ‘Local games were blacked out by the NFL at the time.’
      • ‘Radio advertisements and a press release leading up to the event had declared the fight would be blacked out unless all seats were sold.’
      • ‘The NFL, meanwhile, is concerned that a user could send a copy of a game to someone in another time zone, where the game is blacked out.’
      censor, suppress, redact, withhold, cover up, hide, conceal, obscure, veil, draw a veil over, pull a veil over, hush up, sweep under the carpet, whitewash
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