Main meanings of blackberry in English

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Pronunciation /ˈblakb(ə)ri/

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nounplural noun blackberries

  • 1An edible soft fruit consisting of a cluster of soft purple-black drupelets.

    ‘Sweet muscadine grapes, blackberries, apples, jujubes and a host of other fruits will be available at these upcoming sales.’
    • ‘Cantaloupe is a perfect mix with other melons and fruit - kiwi, bananas, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, grapes and raspberries, to name a few.’
    • ‘I was going to wax lyrical about my weekend, walking round the estate picking blackberries, apples and Damsons.’
    • ‘A certain amount of blackberries were kept for jam making but some people mixed apples with the blackberries and ruined the true flavour of the jam.’
    • ‘In a large mixing bowl, combine cherries, blackberries, sugar, vanilla, lemon zest, and corn starch.’
  • 2The prickly climbing shrub of the rose family that bears blackberries.

    Also called bramble

    Rubus fruticosus, family Rosaceae (sometimes treated as an aggregate of many species)

    ‘They attack the stems of roses, blackberries, raspberries, and dewberries growing in damp, shady places.’
    • ‘Pruning raspberries and blackberries can be a snap if you follow a few simple steps.’
    • ‘This is a large genus of usually thorny shrubs, including raspberries and blackberries.’
    • ‘Also look for complex hybrids of black raspberries and various species of other raspberries and blackberries, including some that are tropical and Asiatic.’
    • ‘The brambles - raspberries and blackberries - are perennial plants with a biennial growth and fruiting habit.’

verbverb blackberries, verb blackberrying, verb blackberried

[no object]usually go blackberrying
  • Gather blackberries in the wild.

    ‘she asked me to go blackberrying with her’
    • ‘Like him, I too used to go blackberrying in my youth, so that my mother could make vast quantities of jam and pies in those pre-freezer days.’
    • ‘Today we listened to music in bed with the papers, had a cooked breakfast in bed, played with our new cat friend and went blackberrying in the village.’
    • ‘The one I'll be making this weekend will contain redcurrants, blackcurrants, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries (I'm going blackberrying when I've finished this!) and peaches.’
    • ‘Or rather the cyclists round the next bend wouldn't be safe, the herd of cows, the family blackberrying, the children walking, they wouldn't be safe.’

Main meanings of BlackBerry in English

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Pronunciation /ˈblakb(ə)ri/

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  • A handheld mobile device that provides internet access and email, phone, and text-messaging facilities.

    ‘Against the advice of his lawyers, he appears poised to keep his beloved BlackBerry, a link to the outside world.’
    • ‘Despite security concerns, he says they'll have to pry his BlackBerry out of his hands.’
    • ‘Friends kept him apprised of developments by sending e-mail messages to his BlackBerry.’
    • ‘She snapped pictures of the girl on her BlackBerry.’
    • ‘The big improvement in my life recently has been my BlackBerry, which allows me to check my e-mails throughout the day.’

verbverb BlackBerries, verb BlackBerrying, verb BlackBerried

[with object]
  • Communicate with (someone) using a BlackBerry device.

    ‘I was BlackBerrying them while the speech was going on’
    • ‘they blogged, BlackBerried, and texted—sometimes contacting someone only a few feet away’
    • ‘They BlackBerried each other deep into the night.’
    • ‘Anyway, BlackBerried in sick this morning, crawled back into bed and went back to sleep.’
    • ‘Clearly, they're able to take BlackBerrying to a whole new level.’
    • ‘And thanks again for BlackBerrying me the Rick Warren questions while I was in the so-called cone of silence.’
    • ‘Sometimes we're in a meeting talking to each other and BlackBerrying each other at the same time.’
    • ‘As much as he loved being CEO, as much as he loved being responsible and making decisions and BlackBerrying furiously from bed or beach, it had been a terribly stressful time.’
    • ‘"You'll have half the participants BlackBerrying each other at a submeeting, with a running commentary on the primary meeting," Mr. Reines said.’