Significado de blackbuck en en inglés


Pronunciación /ˈblakbʌk/


  • A small Indian gazelle, the horned male of which has a black back and white underbelly, the female being hornless.

    Also called sasin

    Antilope cervicapra, family Bovidae

    ‘A ban on hunting and conservation measures contributed to the recovery of large mammals like the blue bull, the blackbuck, the wild boar, the wild ass, the Asiatic lion and the leopard.’
    • ‘The chinkara scattered into the scrub as we approached but the blackbuck kept appearing and reappearing, leaping across our path as we drove through the desert.’
    • ‘The operation to catch blackbucks in the Aluru area of Kurnool district gathered momentum with 25 deer being caught so far.’
    • ‘The Abohar sanctuary, spread over 13 villages inhabited by the Bishnois, has a good population of blackbucks and neelgai.’
    • ‘Yeah, in this right-angle of India you can feel like God's spy, though all you'll have to spy on are the electric blue and green parrots and the flocks of blackbuck and the wild ponies.’