Meaning of blackfellow law in English:

blackfellow law


mass nounAustralian
  • (in Aboriginal society) the body of religious belief and the social customs arising from it.

    ‘according to blackfellow law, the two 'murderers' were merely executioners’
    • ‘He broke the blackfellow law.’
    • ‘It was their wish to master whitefellow law while keeping blackfellow law.’
    • ‘Old Rainbow drew off muttering something about "Blackfellow law proper for blackfellow."’
    • ‘They consciously wished to preserve 'blackfellow law' and learn more about 'whitefellow law'.’
    • ‘They were, in fact and in blackfellow's law, 'wives', but not for the purpose of having children.’
    • ‘They stalked off talking about taboos and blackfellow law.’
    • ‘Blackfellow Law hard — like a stone, like that hill.’
    • ‘Blackfellow law has this value by virtue of its connection with The Dreaming and the world-creative powers who then shaped nature and culture.’
    • ‘Then when you sit down longa jail, you find white fellow and blackfellow law same.’
    • ‘The Beswick people meant by blackfellow law what an anthropologist would call Aboriginal culture.’