Meaning of blatherskite in English:


(also bletherskate)

Pronunciation /ˈblaðəskʌɪt/

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  • 1North American A person who talks at great length without making much sense.

    ‘Have you noticed those two blatherskites are creeping ever nearer to usurp you as champion posters?’
    • ‘Candidates were referred to as blatherskites, big-nothings, stuffed shirts, jellyfish, etc.’
    • ‘Many of the books we see these days perched perfectly in high street seasonal window displays are written by static, worn-out, curmudgeonly blatherskites.’
    • ‘No self-respecting activist desires to have his cause championed by any such horde of loud-mouthed, blatant blatherskites.’
    • ‘People who talk a lot and say little are called blatherskites.’
    • ‘Disillusioned with events in the publishing world, he decided to turn his back on the mainstream bookish blatherskites and focus on independent literary fiction and culture.’
    talker, chatterer, jabberer, babbler, prattler, blatherer, prater
    1. 1.1mass noun Foolish talk; nonsense.
      ‘politicians get away all the time with obscurantist blatherskite’
      • ‘He makes up figures, he makes up stories, and he is full of blatherskite.’


Mid 17th century from blather + skite, a Scots derogatory term adopted into American colloquial speech during the War of Independence from the Scottish song ‘Maggie Lauder’, by F. Semphill, which was popular with American troops.