Meaning of blazing star in English:

blazing star


  • Any of a number of North American plants, some of which are cultivated for their flowers.

    a plant of the daisy family with tall spikes of purple or white flowers (genus Liatris, family Compositae).a plant of the lily family bearing spikes of white flowers (Chamaelirium luteum, family Liliaceae). Also called devil's bit, unicorn root

    ‘In Missouri, some glades do resemble prairies, with plants that include big and little bluestem, Indian grass, Indian paintbrush, prairie larkspur, purple coneflower, and blazing stars.’
    • ‘By the time of the first prescribed burn, Heller's blazing star, another declining species within the same habitat, had been listed as threatened.’
    • ‘Showing off in autumn are blazing star, bristleleaf chaffhead, goldcrest, redroot, two kinds of native sunflower, woolly sunbonnets, and several species of yellow-eyed grasses.’
    • ‘The blazing star is a bit tricky to identify since many other purple wildflowers look similar.’
    • ‘Gayfeather, also called blazing star, is excellent as cut flowers, and in recent years has become a favorite of the florist industry.’