Meaning of blech in English:


Pronunciation /blɛx/


  • Used to express disgust.

    • ‘the milk had the consistency of over-beaten egg whites—blech’
    • ‘I'm at home with a cold—nothing too serious, just an overabundance of mucus (blech) and a cough’
    • ‘Personally, I know people who still hold some of these attitudes (blech).’
    • ‘Unfortunately, it could do nothing to improve the script in that newest action movie - blech.’
    • ‘We know they're well toned but, blech!’
    • ‘Blech, bottom of that dress is terrible.’
    • ‘Blech, I feel like vomiting already.’
    • ‘While the basic design appeals to me, the red paint is horrendous, the bodykit is overwrought, and the wheels underwhelming (BLECH)!’
    • ‘Can't say I'm a huge Polish sausage fan, or bratwurst (blech) for that matter.’
    • ‘Okay, okay, I'm going to be fifty soon, blech.’
    • ‘Blech, what a train wreck.’
    • ‘Blech, though not nearly as much so as a Chicago hot dog.’
    • ‘You can steer with the digital pad (blech) or the left analogue.’
    • ‘Blech, I hate having such a weak immune system.’
    • ‘Around the third time through, you start hearing the songs a little bit more, and they're kind of blech.’
    • ‘One person used the word blech to describe the barbecue sauce.’
    • ‘She thanks her for sharing her husband with the country (blech) and then concedes defeat in the strongest terms.’
    • ‘No need to spit it out and go "blech".’
    • ‘"It's like a roller coaster ride: it's all fun and exciting at first, but then blech."’
    • ‘There were non-flushers (blech!) and the towels ran out.’
    • ‘That review is right on the money. Blech.’
    • ‘Blech - I wasn't impressed.’


1960s probably imitative of the sound of gagging or retching.