Meaning of blended family in English:

blended family



mainly North American
  • A family consisting of a couple, the children they have had together, and their children from previous relationships.

    ‘Family law has been slowly changing to accommodate the facts of today's relationships: adoptions, blended families, stepparents, multiracial families.’
    • ‘Since the 1980s, other family models have become more common, such as single-parent families and blended families in which couples form a new family with the children from their former marriages.’
    • ‘There are fewer children per family unit, more adults who wish to adopt or have no children at all, blended families, families with single parents or same sex parents and foster families.’
    • ‘New relationships, blended families, and remarriages are among the most difficult aspects of the divorce process.’
    • ‘In my vocation, I get to be with all sorts of families, from singles to single moms, deadbeat dads, blended families, adopted families, cohabiting families and traditional families.’
    • ‘Changing family structures, such as the emergence of blended families, have further obscured set expectations for male providers.’
    • ‘The mother's income is greater than the father's; however, I am not informed as to the exact relative household incomes in these two new blended families.’
    • ‘The Institute of Family Studies report shows massive increases in the number of step and blended families, and lone parent families.’
    • ‘It didn't take a public-relations genius to bring together the blended family of John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry to serve as a backdrop for the introduction of the Edwardses to general-election voters.’
    • ‘As Jessie on ABC's drama Once and Again, Evan Rachel Wood brilliantly portrayed a young teenager struggling to grow up while dealing with a blended family and her own attraction to another girl.’
    • ‘Twelve years ago Kerry MacLean and her husband instituted a daily meditation session for their blended family of seven.’
    • ‘Closeted or not, our blended family of three cats, two women, and a fish seem to have expanded out to fill the available space.’
    • ‘In addition to raising the two blended families, my mother was kept very busy taking care of the new ‘common factor’ - my younger brothers and sisters.’
    • ‘The two California clans profiled by Stacey are packed with single mothers, divorces, blended families, homosexuals, latchkey kids, walkaway fathers, people living together, and births out of wedlock.’
    • ‘They are tolerant of different cultures; accepting of blended families and divorce; and oblivious to gender, race, living arrangements, and socioeconomic status.’
    • ‘Divorced parents and blended families may need to devote even more time to the process to make sure they follow the guidelines correctly.’
    • ‘Furthermore, over half of the respondents were from single-parent or blended families, suggesting that they have observed extensive marital conflict at some point in their lives.’
    • ‘While the divorce rate is nearly 62%, blended families can and do succeed.’
    • ‘Christmas is of no use to anyone if it is an excuse for people to play at being petty tyrants, a danger especially in blended families where expectations differ.’
    • ‘A focus snaps into place, and the crazy crush of this three-generation, blended family becomes whole.’