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blind side


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  • 1A direction in which a person has a poor view of approaching traffic or danger.

    ‘a punch delivered on the referee's blind side’
    • ‘And with maddening consistency, the easiest birds approach unsaluted from the blind side.’
    • ‘From Brennan's puck out, Waterford went back on the attack and Paul Flynn was lucky to be awarded a free in possession after he had fouled the ball on the blind side of referee, Tom McIntyre.’
    • ‘I didn't get riled when he bit me or when he put my arm in a lock on the blind side of the referee and tried to break it or when he headbutted me and opened up a cut that needed 17 stitches.’
    • ‘Veteran defender John Swales was lucky to escape as he blatantly handled to deny Constantine a clear run at goal but fortunately for him it was on the blind side of referee Mr Haslam, who had an excellent game.’
    • ‘Pateley left-back Dan Carrington was fortunate to escape with a clear handball in his own area but it was on the blind side of referee Brian Beecroft who had an outstanding game throughout.’
    • ‘Horsforth's frustration was clear to see and striker Connolly was fortunate to get away with a spiteful kick at John Mutton on the blind side of the referee.’
    • ‘Buck observes that he is very antisocial like Dave and just wants to get his job done, although Dave also learns by a bad experience that he does not like to be approached on his blind side.’
    • ‘We went round the blind side and came in low, at 100 ft.’
    • ‘Or being hit from the blind side by someone of far great avoirdupois and wondering how the frame survived.’
    • ‘Swift, decisive and up the blind side, Fernando Alonso has taken the world of Formula One by surprise.’
    1. 1.1Rugby The side of the scrum opposite that on which the main line of the opponents' backs is ranged.
      ‘With seconds remaining Philips exploited space on the blind side from a scrum on the French 10-metre line.’
      • ‘In a complete reversal of form Keighley were now well in control and Brodleians lead was reduced to a single point when a neat blind side break by scrum half Scott Amos opened the way for wingman Chris Watts to sprint to the line.’
      • ‘They kept the game tight up front for long periods but were absent on the blind side when scrum half Barry McCann took off on a 40 meter run.’
      • ‘In that period Evans used his power to threaten Knottingley's blind side from set scrums, combining with No 8 Ryan Kirkbride and full-back Gareth Evans, but nothing came from these forays.’
      • ‘Ilkley regained possession but some of the worst examples of poor passing and a knock on allowed Heath to attack the blind side from the scrum.’


(also blindside)
[with object]
  • 1North American Hit or attack (someone) on their blind side.

    ‘Graber blindsided Kelly, knocking him to the pavement’
    • ‘‘We were completely blindsided off the road,’ said an unidentified man who was hurt on Wednesday morning.’
    • ‘The second attacker came from the left this time, blindsiding the girl with a roughly placed fist to her temple.’
    • ‘In fact, there's so much story for the viewer to attend to that the spectacular humor that heavily peppers the film often blindsides you.’
    • ‘One of the man's comrades had snuck up on me and blindsided me with his rifle.’
    • ‘Suddenly, a white minivan blindsided him, causing a ‘fender vault’ that tossed the man three feet into the air, still holding one briefcase.’
    • ‘He blindsided the frantic princess, lifting her over his shoulder as he continued his race with the darts that were now heading in their direction.’
    • ‘He was blindsided by six imps.’
    • ‘Seattle won but Ray got blindsided by former U-Conn thugmate Jake Voskul and left the game with a busted shoulder.’
    • ‘Just as he was coming in close, he blindsided him with a fierce punch.’
    • ‘Out of nowhere I was blindsided by a blunt force to the side of the face.’
    • ‘And if you ever blindside me like that again, I'll have your head.’
    • ‘A loose pipe can suck a diver in or blindside him.’
    • ‘I was so sure that Val was going to attempt to blindside me.’
    • ‘Trent thought it would be funny to blindside me and throw me over his shoulder.’
    • ‘The guy blindsided me and for a time I went shaky in the legs.’
    • ‘Any time that a guy is blindsided is inappropriate, and such a move should come with appropriate penalties.’
    • ‘He blindsided the Rock after his match with Kurt Angle on RAW and put him in the walls of Jericho.’
    1. 1.1Make (someone) unable to perceive the truth of a situation.
      ‘we got blindsided by our own government’
      • ‘The second act, at 25 minutes, which blindsided me to a degree, is an exercise in unconventional reconciliation and takes place in the hung-over wake of the previous night's revelations.’
      • ‘So, she's completely blindsided when he's arrested, dragged into a military court and accused of murdering nine people.’
      • ‘It's also true that we were blindsided by the election results.’
      • ‘The real home-entertainment troubles are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind, the kind that blindside you at 4 p.m. on some idle Tuesday.’
      • ‘Here's where gender politics blindside club culture's socio-economic axis at a right angle, with positive, not polarizing, results.’
      • ‘He could have told him that he was embarrassing him and all Republicans for blindsiding him.’
      • ‘Like a good poem, it blindsides us with the turn it takes right at the end.’
      • ‘I honestly don't understand it and won't until the same thing blindsides me.’
      • ‘He wasn't blindsided, merely blind to the devastating impact the pictures would have once they became public.’
      • ‘Rather, he was blindsided because he did not expect the danger to come from small fringe elements but from places like the old Soviet Union and from China.’
      • ‘If Mr. O'Neill felt that material got to the president that blindsided him, he should have inquired within his own department.’
      • ‘Raise your hand if you were blindsided by that revelation.’
      • ‘I don't know why I'm starting to cry, struggling to breathe, as if I'm completely blindsided.’
      • ‘Houston Mayor Bill White said city officials were blindsided by FEMA's order.’
      • ‘I had been told to trust this recruiter by people I knew, so I was completely blindsided by his change in tactics.’
      • ‘For all our collective arrogance, we are constantly blindsided by something called the future.’
      • ‘Lazio probably was ready for the milk question when he got blindsided by the subway one.’
      • ‘An aide said Frist called the president the night before, so not to blindside him.’
      • ‘I think that would be a good first step to resolving this (whichever direction it may go) and you won't be blindsiding her with the breakup.’