Meaning of blinkered in English:



  • 1(of a horse) wearing blinkers.

    ‘Aboyeur's blinkered head showed in front soon after the start’
    • ‘The stable-bound horse, ribs protruding, eyes blinkered, stamped its hooves on the wooden floor.’
    • ‘Had a blinkered horse ever won the Derby?’
    • ‘A tonga resembles a huge wooden box, balanced on two sturdy wheels, drawn by a single blinkered horse.’
    1. 1.1Having or showing a narrow or limited outlook.
      ‘a blinkered attitude’
      • ‘Companies suffer from a provincial and culturally blinkered approach to the repertoire and with dire performance results.’
      • ‘Such narrow-minded blinkered parochialism can only leave these campaigners looking even more desperate.’
      • ‘He really will get a shock if he keeps thinking in such a blinkered, narrow way.’
      • ‘But that seems a very narrow and blinkered view.’
      • ‘As for the assertion that only fans and the club would benefit from the redevelopment, this seems a slightly blinkered approach.’
      • ‘The arts have continually suffered from negative, blinkered attitudes.’
      • ‘This blinkered approach put supposed short-term financial savings before the needs of future generations.’
      • ‘I was amazed at the totally blinkered attitudes of the individuals who see no legitimate reason to own a gun in Britain.’
      • ‘A blinkered approach to spotting talent is regarded as one of the many factors holding back youth development.’
      • ‘It is no wonder with this blinkered attitude that the Capital of Culture bid was a non-starter.’
      • ‘This is the more lamentable as the title of the book suggests a less blinkered approach.’
      • ‘I think he is a man of limited intelligence, considerable low cunning, self-esteem born of blinkered privilege and a mean spirit.’
      • ‘But it is not a blinkered and insular type of independence.’
      • ‘I'm sorry that you feel I'm so clearly blinkered and entrenched and incapable of having a reasoned discussion about it.’
      • ‘This perverse attitude says more about their blinkered view of what the country should aspire to be.’
      • ‘If attitudes to sexual equality in 2002 are as blinkered and ignorant as they were in 1974 then we have learned nothing and this battle can never be won.’
      narrow-minded, limited, restricted, inward-looking, conventional, parochial, provincial, insular, small-town, localist, small-minded, petty-minded, petty, close-minded, short-sighted, myopic, hidebound, dyed-in-the-wool, diehard, set, set in one's ways, inflexible, dogmatic, rigid, entrenched, prejudiced, bigoted, biased, partisan, sectarian, discriminatory
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