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Pronunciation /blɪp/

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  • 1An unexpected, minor, and typically temporary deviation from a general trend.

    ‘the Chancellor dismissed rising inflation as a blip’
    • ‘The drop last year is likely to be a small blip in a general upward trend.’
    • ‘They're just a minor blip in the general scheme of things.’
    • ‘You are looking for general, overall upward trends, not short-term blips.’
    • ‘It looks like the situation in London is little more than a temporary blip, as property prices continue to rise across the UK.’
    • ‘It's easy to dismiss the jump in inflation as a temporary blip.’
    • ‘Time will tell if this is just a statistical anomaly or a blip in a downward trend.’
    • ‘Should there be a correction, though, it most likely will only be a minor blip on the downward plunging trend lines.’
    • ‘Consumer credit may introduce temporary blips in the economy, but it is not a secure building block.’
    • ‘It puts in perspective some of the temporary blips in that relationship.’
    • ‘It has been there for hundreds of years, and a temporary blip in the finances is no excuse for throwing it all away.’
    • ‘He won't be very pleased about being marked down but someone as talented as him will treat it as a minor blip.’
    • ‘Is it a permanent rebound or just a temporary blip?’
    • ‘But road statistics are volatile, and experts say the 16 per cent drop in deaths last year could prove to be a blip rather than a trend.’
    • ‘Another explanation, and this one is more reassuring, is that people aren't responding to the temporary inflation blip caused by higher petrol prices.’
    • ‘Let's hope it's just a temporary blip in a smooth operation.’
    • ‘Universities across the country are expecting a dip in the number of applicants next year, although this is expected to be a temporary blip.’
    • ‘I am very happy, the temporary blip of sadness I felt the other day has long passed…’
    • ‘The combination was lethal, but I just dismissed it as a temporary blip at the time.’
    • ‘Yet they are but minor blips in an otherwise beautiful musical landscape which really ought to be discovered.’
    • ‘But I hope this is just a blip, a temporary moment of blurred decision, out-weighed by my usual clarity.’
  • 2A very short high-pitched sound made by an electronic device.

    ‘computer games can drive you crazy with their blips and bleeps’
    • ‘He's got the groove going and he paces his compilations like an expert DJ, but his blips and bleeps sound awfully derivative.’
    • ‘Previous emphasis on speed is now being replaced by ambience laced with moments of electronic blips and beeps, free jazz, noise, no wave and tinges of psychedelia.’
    • ‘Beeps, blips and pings are the everyday sounds that we live with, thanks to our push-button gizmos and fast-paced lifestyle.’
    • ‘It was a high-pitched blip that, once again, she never knew the devices were capable of.’
    • ‘Is the future to be filled with soft glitchy vocals over clicks, blips and bleeps?’
    • ‘All their core sounds are here - wispy synthesizer melodies and bleeps and blips.’
    • ‘A blip sounded off signaling the entry of an intruder.’
    • ‘Then a small blip of sound came from the screen and Lucas pulled back.’
    • ‘To see him pull off all the blips, bleeps, loops, and hisses using only his vocal cords is definitely something special.’
    • ‘Vocals are tucked in the back, submerged in reverb as blips and bleeps and chiming guitars send the whole thing home.’
    • ‘If you're into funky, minimal blips and bleeps, check these guys out, they are the bomb!’
    • ‘In the earliest games, we made do with blips and bleeps; now, we have MP3 soundtracks to rival DVDs, and incidental sounds recorded from real life.’
    • ‘It lives up to the hype, delivering blips, bleeps and beats.’
    • ‘Videogames began as a few blips and bleeps racing across a screen.’
    • ‘Further, the circuitry behind that speaker was equally lacking, as, in most cases, the system could not produce anything beyond the extent of beeps and blips.’
    • ‘No excess noise was audible, and sound flowed continuously, free of blips or other interruptions.’
    • ‘A blip of noise signals contact, then a low, droning hiss fills the speakers before the music begins.’
    • ‘Or they could take their chances in the street with the taxis, zooming madly, beeping their horns in staccato blips as warnings.’
    • ‘Warp speed, back to the sounds of 80's pop and those jittery keyboard blips!’
    • ‘Eventually, the song peaks at a crescendo and dies away into atmospheric buzzes and computer blips.’
    1. 2.1A small flashing point of light on a radar screen representing an object.
      ‘air traffic controllers watching the blips on their radars’
      • ‘A bunch of ‘wacky’ characters watch blips on a radar screen.’
      • ‘In the darkened operations room below decks, grey overalled officers and sailors watched an approaching blip on their radar screens.’
      • ‘They watch the blips on the screen representing the planes break into two and fly off.’
      • ‘He failed to see the whole, seeing only the details, which he spotted like blips on a radar screen.’
      • ‘It's like hearing reports from Alaska radar stations of peculiar blips on the screen.’
      • ‘While we were on the plane with them, they saw two blips on their radar screen.’
      • ‘The radio wave reflections are essentially no different than airplane blips on a radar screen.’
      • ‘The three blips on the radar screen were moving closer and closer to the ambush.’
      • ‘Learning to identify what the blips on the screen represent can take some time.’
      • ‘‘Told you everything would work perfectly,’ Eldon replied as they watched the radar blips disappear.’
      • ‘The radar operator watched carefully as the blip on his monitor representing the Renegade crawled into the system.’
      • ‘Imagine looking at the blips on the monitor of an air traffic controller in Las Angeles, multiplying those radar blips by 100-then zooming in on the flight path of a single aircraft.’

verbverb blips, verb blipping, verb blipped

  • 1no object (of an electronic device) make a very short high-pitched sound or succession of sounds.

    ‘big boxes of esoteric electronics hummed and blipped’
    • ‘At the touch of a button one of the blank monitors blipped to life, displaying a scene that was being picked up by a hidden remote camera.’
    • ‘Fade up to a hospital room, greying white walls, a single bed with a little table beside it and a large TV set in the corner, a cardiac monitor blipping away quietly.’
    • ‘Entering her apartment, Kayleigh saw the answering machine light blipping.’
    • ‘I swear his brainwave monitor only blipped twice the whole time I was there.’
    • ‘As I was working on today's entry our electricity began to blip on and off.’
    • ‘The only reason it blips on my radar at all is the fact that you did it in the context of a western.’
    • ‘But it's like saying even with the sound and screen on my television blipping on and off that I can enjoy a show.’
    • ‘Moments later, the two legendary white paddles appeared onscreen, blipping and blooping the single pixel ball between them.’
    • ‘He snickered amusedly and was about to speak up when suddenly, an alert window blipped onto his screen.’
    • ‘Just as the much-anticipated commencement of our recovery was to begin, contacts of interest suddenly blipped onto the radar screen, and we were delayed momentarily.’
    • ‘The lights were dimmed, and there was the cautious, subtle blipping of medical monitoring devices.’
    • ‘A second later, another blipping sound greeted her.’
    • ‘The card is also irritatingly noisy when connected to the GPRS network, making those buzzing and blipping noises your mobile emits when it interferes with another phone.’
    • ‘The blipping laptop beat, layered and echoed phase-guitar strums, ringing vibraphone and wheezing organ that open the song mark this is as mood music, like a soundtrack for a film.’
    • ‘With all the blipping and beeping machines hooked into him, he looked smaller, paler, and frailer than I'd ever seen him before.’
    • ‘The blipping of her radio collar says she's staying close.’
    • ‘While she worked, she kept looking at her wrist and staring at the blipping screen.’
  • 2with object Open (the throttle of a motor vehicle) momentarily.

    ‘he straddled the bike and blipped the throttle’
    • ‘You can't even stall it, as the car can cruise round town in sixth gear from just 500 revs and will blip the throttle for you.’
    • ‘But the Aston version is not only quick and jerk free on up-changes; it beautifully blips the throttle on down shifts too.’
    • ‘Clipping the throttle at idle often produced a gap in response before the motor picked up.’
    • ‘Start it up and the engine quickly settles into a menacing mid-range growl, while blipping the throttle makes the exhaust bark.’
    • ‘‘Often I've seen engineers jump in the vehicle, turn the engine on, blip the throttle, then drive off,’ he says.’
    • ‘Twist the key and blip the throttle and the beautiful looking 4.2 V8 roars like a true racer.’
    • ‘Happy didn't have to think once about the hours of rubbing down and lacquering, he blipped the throttle.’


Late 19th century (denoting a sudden rap or tap): imitative; the noun sense ‘unexpected deviation’ dates from the 1970s.