Meaning of Blitz spirit in English:

Blitz spirit


(also the spirit of the Blitz)
  • Stoicism and determination in a difficult or dangerous situation, especially as displayed by a group of people.

    ‘he urged the British public to show their Blitz spirit in the face of the recession’
    • ‘The past fortnight has had the subtle appeal of the Blitz spirit.’
    • ‘She is perhaps held in deepest affection by the war generation, for whom she was the personification of the Blitz spirit.’
    • ‘The prime minister has urged the British public to show their "Blitz spirit" in the face of the recession.’
    • ‘He said he had been astonished by the Blitz spirit of local people.’
    • ‘Of course Blair can't just conjure up a new Blitz spirit to suit his newfound focus on homeland security.’
    • ‘Possibly what's needed now is more of that Blitz spirit.’
    • ‘Were this to happen in London I'm not sure the ' Blitz spirit ' would hold out in quite the same way.’
    • ‘Time and again, flood victims have spoken of the revival of the "Blitz spirit" which is making their ordeal more bearable.’
    • ‘But we cannot go on congratulating ourselves for our forbearance, or Blitz spirit or reason in the face of madness.’
    • ‘Some of the broadcasters tried to invoke the Blitz spirit, suggesting that that would get London through.’