Meaning of block release in English:

block release


mass nounBritish
  • A system of allowing employees the whole of a stated period off work in order to undertake an educational course.

    ‘The latter courses may be taught by day release, block release or distance learning.’
    • ‘This three year ‘hands-on’ training involves work experience on top commercial farms, day and block release courses, and project work at farm level.’
    • ‘It includes work experience on top commercial farms together with day and block release courses and completion of projects such as records/accounts, farm planning etc.’
    • ‘A new training allowance payment of £150 per week will apply to farm apprentices and second-year agricultural students while on block release courses.’
    • ‘Before the introduction of agencies such as these, Bob trained apprentices on block release courses.’
    • ‘The Construction Industry Training Board arranged for me to do a block release Bench Joinery course while working at in Romsey.’
    • ‘He would have to delay his P2 for a year, and have to study in his own time, rather than on block release.’
    • ‘This will be offered in block release and full-time mode and should be attractive to people wishing to change career into computing.’
    • ‘A further two-week block release is envisaged for the end of the second term.’
    • ‘I started teaching full-time on July 1, 1975, and quickly began getting students on block release from their firms.’
    • ‘The award for carpentry and joinery went to a block release student from St Andrews.’
    • ‘The block release course involves her spending a total of 27 days at the school.’
    • ‘Ivor is a third year apprentice with an electrical firm in Carlow and has been a block release student at the Institute of Technology.’