Meaning of blood-soaked in English:


Pronunciation /ˈblʌdsəʊkt/


  • 1Covered or saturated with blood.

    ‘his blood-soaked body was found with multiple stab wounds’
    • ‘One elderly man, still wearing bloodsoaked night clothes, was carried from the destruction.’
    • ‘I had to walk through the restaurant with napkins to my bloodsoaked head, past all the breakfast regulars, who all gaped in open-mouthed shock at the state of me.’
    • ‘His bloodsoaked vestments are now on display in San Salvador for pilgrims and tourists to see.’
    • ‘She stood in a battlefield, in blood-soaked clothes.’
    • ‘Searching a blood-soaked hotel room is tough enough without having to stumble through the dark.’
    • ‘Placing a blood-soaked gauze pad in a garbage can containing otherwise ordinary trash converts the entire container into medical waste.’
    • ‘Margaret reluctantly lifted up her hand, still covered in the blood-soaked napkin that clung to her skin.’
    • ‘Eleven young women, aged sixteen to twenty, were escorted to police cells in their blood-soaked night shirts with their bodies bound in strait jackets.’
    • ‘He shook his head and stared down at his blood-soaked suit.’
    • ‘She pushed people aside and didn't care about the red liquid on her feet from the blood-soaked carpets.’
    • ‘Halle Berry stars as Miranda Grey, a "brilliant psychiatrist" who finds a blood-soaked young girl stranded on a back road.’
    • ‘"Forget Rachel," Lethe said, already unbuttoning his blood-soaked shirt.’
    • ‘She paces around the room in a blood-soaked nightie, in front of blood-smeared walls.’
    • ‘It would do no good to be seen with blood-soaked clothing.’
    • ‘He had a wound both in his head and in his arm, both bandaged with blood-soaked rags.’
    • ‘Another man, blood-soaked and bandaged, yells into the lens: "I don't want this freedom!"’
    • ‘A few girls screamed in terror at the sight of the blood-soaked stranger.’
    • ‘A blood-soaked man was left lying on a trolley between corridors for close on 15 hours after suffering a triple-fracture to his cheekbone.’
    • ‘Criminal and civil proceedings are being prepared against rogue operators who dumped tonnes of blood-soaked hospital waste and personal records on farmland in Wicklow.’
    • ‘Her parents brought her to hospital after finding her lying in blood-soaked sheets.’
    bloodstained, blood-soaked, blood-spattered, gory
  • 2Involving or characterized by bloodshed or cruelty.

    ‘the blood-soaked history of the Crusades’
    • ‘There's almost nothing here for an average movie-goer, even one who likes dumb action and bloodsoaked horror.’
    • ‘The death of Iphigenia ushers in a bloodsoaked cycle of revenge.’
    • ‘The film promises to be a bloodsoaked extravaganza of epic proportions.’
    • ‘Best known for his bloodsoaked gore epics, She-Devils marked a major departure and was a surprising non-horror hit.’
    • ‘Those looking for bloodsoaked action are sure to be disappointed.’
    • ‘The bloodsoaked dynasty had seized the throne in 1903.’
    • ‘The three days that followed, from February 28 to March 2, were blood-soaked.’
    • ‘It was a dirty, blood-soaked war, fought over 10 years.’
    • ‘In a television landscape filled with blood-soaked series, this smarty-pants police procedural stands out.’
    • ‘Marie manages to stow away and must now, in one blood-soaked night, figure a way to find help and spring her friend from the clutches of a maniac.’
    • ‘Around 1800, verse, prose, and images appealed to women's imagination and sentiments, entreating them against using the blood-soaked cane sugar in their tea, puddings, and tarts.’
    • ‘His blood-soaked remake is definitely a hit and has become an important touchstone in hip-hop and rap culture with its inverted portrayal of the American Dream.’
    • ‘In the 1980s these neighbours fought a blood-soaked, inconclusive war that destroyed an entire generation and claimed more than 1 million lives.’
    • ‘On that blood-soaked continent, the reigning monarchs and other despotic rulers thought up an ingenious system to perpetuate their oppressive systems of government.’
    • ‘When I play blood-soaked shoot-'em-up games, the vamped-up violence doesn't really bother me.’
    • ‘Contrary to the blood-soaked novel, when you get yourself in a sword fight, opponents will kneel down and give up when you've hit them enough times.’
    • ‘Perhaps I've been subjected to a few too many blood-soaked movies?’
    • ‘Child labour is heinous and unjustifiable, but how can we condemn other nations ' use of it when our own country was "developed" through equally blood-soaked practices?’
    • ‘With the grisly story of a surgeon obsessed with restoring his daughter's disfigured face, one would expect a gruesome, blood-soaked saga of body snatching, evisceration, and sin.’
    • ‘Blood-soaked and cruel, the movie was a huge hit with hipster cinephiles.’