Meaning of blood and bone in English:

blood and bone


mass nounmainly Australian, mainly New Zealand
  • Garden fertilizer consisting of dried animal blood mixed with bonemeal.

    ‘after flowering, feed with blood and bone’
    • ‘He puts much of his success down to manure and blood and bone.’
    • ‘Prune spring flowering shrubs and trees immediately after flowering, then feed with blood and bone or complete fertiliser and deep water in and mulch.’
    • ‘When planting Wong Bok prepare the soil by adding blood and bone in a trench 10 cm under the planting row, backfill and then plant.’
    • ‘Sprinkle the seeds 30 cm apart on the surface and then cover with 50 cm of straw mixed with 50 percent old manure or blood and bone.’
    • ‘Spring bulbs should be planted this month, and fertilised (if in doubt use blood and bone).’
    • ‘We're all familiar with him sermonising about the benefits of compost and blood and bone.’
    • ‘There's catacomb of bleaching animal bones, ready to be ground down into blood and bone fertiliser.’
    • ‘A bit of blood and bone or dynamic lifter and a good prune may well revive them.’
    • ‘Combine additional blood and bone with sulphate of potash and some rock dust or trace elements.’
    • ‘Feed with 1/2 cup of blood and bone, and one teaspoon of sulphate of potash per square metre.’