Meaning of blood diamond in English:

blood diamond


another term for conflict diamond
‘Wildlife smuggling in Nepal is what blood diamonds are to Sierra Leone, or the Ivory Coast.’
  • ‘It is impossible to say how many blood diamonds will end up under Christmas trees this year.’
  • ‘Firms in Antwerp, capital of the diamond buying industry, were heavily involved, reportedly arranging shipments of blood diamonds to be sent to India.’
  • ‘People buying diamonds as gifts for Valentine's Day (14 February) might be buying 'blood diamonds' and fuelling armed conflict.’
  • ‘They say the rebels used slaves to extract vast quantities of so-called blood diamonds, which were sold for weapons.’
  • ‘Corruption, bribery and skulduggery in trading blood diamonds for guns and grenades causes the death of millions of innocents.’
  • ‘The mines do not produce blood diamonds.’
  • ‘Then the funds came from blood diamonds.’
  • ‘Survival must not link our diamonds to blood diamonds.’
  • ‘But what these villages don't know or can't afford to worry about is that these are blood diamonds or conflict diamonds.’
  • ‘The body in charge of certifying minerals for export has set up three branches in formerly rebel-held areas to combat the trade in illicit blood diamonds, a spokesperson said on Monday.’
  • ‘Conflicts have raged for decades fuelled by illegal foreign arms imports and blood diamonds.’
  • ‘But monitoring the sales of coltan is far harder than monitoring the sale of "blood diamonds" or the furs which used to wrap themselves around the shoulders of the famous.’
  • ‘Russia, Belgium and Israel made presentations on how they intend to enact laws to stop the sale of blood diamonds on their soil.’
  • ‘Don't buy blood diamonds.’
  • ‘Portable, untraceable and lucrative, diamonds have long been a guerrilla's best friend, and international efforts to crack down on the trade in "blood diamonds" have been rather slow off the mark.’
  • ‘For example, he says, hundreds of millions of dollars from the sale of what is known as conflict or blood diamonds have been used by opposition forces, government troops and others with bad human rights records to buy and sell arms and weapons.’
  • ‘Buzz about "blood diamonds" (also termed "conflict diamonds") has been in the air for some time, but not many of us have time to read up on all the information.’
  • ‘"But there is a long tradition in the diamond sector (of shady dealings) and they have to acknowledge that some of these blood diamonds could be terror diamonds."’