Meaning of blood sausage in English:

blood sausage


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mainly North American
another term for blood pudding
‘Morcilla de Burgos, a blood sausage stuffed with rice, is a specialty from the city of Burgos.’
  • ‘For the blood sausage, in a medium bowl, mix together all of the ingredients and season.’
  • ‘Christmas dinner includes roast pork or goose, blood sausage, sauerkraut, potatoes, and head cheese, with gingerbread cookies for dessert.’
  • ‘From garlic shrimp to blood sausage, roasted chickpeas to grilled quail, marinated anchovies to rich rabbit livers, the range of Spanish tapas is vast.’
  • ‘It was with great faith that I put fork to plate and severed a blood sausage ravioli garnished with tender ribbons of nutmeg pumpkin and petite cepes.’
  • ‘Having waited for the photos, they would go to a nearby bar, order beer, blood sausage, onions, and rye bread, and spread the photos over the table.’
  • ‘Pork and pork products, such as ham, sausage, and blood sausage, are the most popular meats.’
  • ‘Another meat specialty is marcilla dulce, a blood sausage mixed with orange peels and walnuts.’
  • ‘The individual portions of morcilla, as the blood sausage is called, are cooked in olive oil so hot that the skins burst open.’
  • ‘Blood pudding and blood sausages are still regularly served in traditional Irish Breakfasts.’