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blood sport


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  • A sport involving the hunting, wounding, or killing of animals.

    ‘blood sports such as dogfighting and cockfighting’
    • ‘shopping has become a blood sport’
    • ‘It's not a blood sport - hunting and sport are two words that cannot go together.’
    • ‘Fox hunting is the only blood sport to have survived.’
    • ‘In my opinion fox hunting is just a blood sport with no purpose.’
    • ‘Hunting without hounds does make this blood sport less cruel, but even still, it is inhumane.’
    • ‘Trapping is presented as a blood sport where animals suffer in a seeming never ending torture.’
    • ‘It is a blood sport technically but the people who ‘play’ it don't generally do it for the bloodlust, they enjoy the ride and the chase, it's not all about the kill.’
    • ‘I am so sorry that some may lose their jobs from their blood sport going, but too bad.’
    • ‘It's where politics becomes a blood sport: winners and losers, accusations and recriminations, and all within the one party.’
    • ‘How can someone who has been so active in the blood sport that is ‘politics’ be so careless?’
    • ‘I was never a sporty person anyway; I always preferred a good book or the blood sport of politics.’
    • ‘I am glad I went on the hunt and learnt more about the blood sport, though am not in a rush to repeat the experience.’
    • ‘Despite being illegal in Ireland, the blood sport of cockfighting still takes place in some parts of the country.’
    • ‘I respect the stand of the true blood sport protesters, even though I disagree with their viewpoint.’
    • ‘It was like a blood sport to them, waiting to see someone humiliated.’
    • ‘The pro-hunters were keen to show their disgust at the new Hunting Act, which makes the blood sport illegal.’
    • ‘Ireland's political circumstances may have channelled aristocratic leisure into fighting rather than blood sports.’
    • ‘The European Commission has not taken a clear stance on blood sports, meaning member states make their own choices.’
    • ‘Animals were not only used for show but for what we can only call blood sports.’
    • ‘He was a keen sportsman but he was fond of blood sports.’
    • ‘The bulldog, although bred originally for close encounters in blood sports, was a cuddlesome, affable creature beneath the ferocity and gore.’
    • ‘It appears morally equivalent to blood sports such as bearbaiting and cockfighting that have been illegal for some two centuries.’