Meaning of bloodily in English:


Pronunciation /ˈblʌdɪli/

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See bloody

‘A three-day siege ended bloodily: the apartment was gutted, and its seven occupants, alleged perpetrators of a murderous attack on a government agency in December, were all killed.’
  • ‘I have no idea about Greek inflectional endings, but the English translation has one fairly obvious meaning: ‘You too will die bloodily because of this deed.’’
  • ‘Marlowe may have been of this world, but he was also in it: emotionally, viscerally and - more so for him than for other men - bloodily.’
  • ‘The unsupported troops who had achieved the break in the Union gun line were mostly killed or captured, and the attack decisively and bloodily repulsed.’
  • ‘The Russian hostage situation has been resolved bloodily, but the number of casualties is unknown so far.’