Meaning of bloodstain in English:


Pronunciation /ˈblʌdsteɪn/

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  • A mark or discoloration on fabric or a surface caused by blood.

    ‘The floor of one classroom is marked with bloodstains.’
    • ‘We haven't found any evidence, any scorch marks or bloodstains inside the buildings, or anything like that.’
    • ‘She smiles when she spots a bloodstain where the doorstop was hidden.’
    • ‘When alone in the kitchen, Nora sighs and methodically starts to clean her husband's bloodstains from the counter.’
    • ‘How was he supposed to spot something like a bloodstain, anyway?’
    • ‘Old bloodstains had dried into the fabric and he had been unable to wash them out.’
    • ‘Jason pointed down at a small bloodstain in my carpet that stood out amongst the white fabric.’
    • ‘That same night, bloodstains, shirt buttons and cartridge cases were found on the roadside a mile from the town, where it is believed he met his killers.’
    • ‘The vehicle had been left in the isolated rural spot with its lights on and the engine running, and there were bloodstains inside.’
    • ‘On the stairs faint bloodstains are visible and their origin unknown, but there are only three choices to what caused them.’
    • ‘There were bloodstains on the outside of the trunk area.’
    • ‘Groggy from lack of sleep, I emerged from my building the next morning and looked for bloodstains on the sidewalk.’
    • ‘There are still bloodstains on the floors of the interrogation rooms.’
    • ‘There were also bloodstains, so I wasn't sure I would ever give it to her, but I put it in my pack anyway.’
    • ‘The room had enough space for a couple of desks and chairs; one desk had bloodstains running down its side…’
    • ‘The police ask Sam about the bloodstains under her sink.’
    • ‘A concrete bench on an outside terrace overlooking their garden and swimming pool was broken and there were bloodstains on the floor.’
    • ‘Officers said it was unclear whether the shots were fired at a person or into the air, and there were no bloodstains found or evidence of any injuries.’
    • ‘There are suggestions that bloodstains at the scene of the shooting were cleaned away by some of the accused while the police turned the other way.’
    • ‘There's also a cell lined with sound-proofing pads, on which fading bloodstains are visible.’