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blue tit


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  • A small tit (songbird) with a blue cap, greenish-blue back, and yellow underparts, widespread in Eurasia and north-western Africa.

    Parus caeruleus, family Paridae

    ‘A survey of the birds who visited the cemetery in 1999 recorded blue tits, bull finches, pied wagtails and wood pigeons.’
    • ‘The garden attracts a number of birds including finches, blue tits, sparrows and jackdaws.’
    • ‘The proportion of monogamous females that breed at the same time as primary females was high in lapwings, starlings, pied flycatchers, and blue tits.’
    • ‘The eggs and more commonly the young of blue tits, great tits, coal tits and nuthatches have all become victims.’
    • ‘Birds such as robins, house sparrows, blue tits and blackbirds struggle to find enough food and desperately need shelter in the freezing winter months.’
    • ‘This was motivated by the presence of blue tits, but not Pekin robins, in the meadows around Tours.’
    • ‘The analysis shows that there was no difference between great tits and blue tits in interactions with conspecific immigrants.’
    • ‘We first investigate the general levels of paternity loss in our study populations of blue tits and great tits, and then compare the paternity loss of cross-fostered males to these levels.’
    • ‘When we examined the data set for this trial more closely, it was apparent that blackbirds were taking countershaded baits least often, but blue tits and robins conferred no special advantage to countershaded baits.’
    • ‘And oh, the excitement of going through the book: ‘That's a robin, that's a green finch, that's a blue tit!’’
    • ‘In the past, nesting blue tits have been taken over by tree sparrows.’
    • ‘He claims they are attacking and destroying the nests of local blue tits, finches and other small birds which live in the woods.’
    • ‘Gardeners generally prefer carnivores to herbivores, but how will you keep all those little robins, delicate blue tits and melodious blackbirds if you've poisoned all their grub?’
    • ‘However, no such relationship has been found in the few recent studies in birds, although some preliminary data for blue tits suggests that extrapair chicks are more likely to be male.’
    • ‘Other wild creatures to make it into the top ten include frogs, blackbirds, robins, butterflies, ladybirds, blue tits, goldfinches and bees.’
    • ‘I now have six parrots terrorising my blue tits and robins.’
    • ‘He helped them to put up nesting boxes for birds such as robins, wrens and blue tits.’
    • ‘Common garden species such as the robin, blackbird, blue tit and greenfinch have increased by ten per cent, but sparrow and starling populations are down 60 per cent.’
    • ‘Blasting them off with a jet of water from the hosepipe is quite effective, but recently I have noticed small birds - blue tits and coal tits mostly - perching on the stems to pick the aphids off.’
    • ‘I don't have a garden - just a balcony from which I have various boxes of plants hanging, several hanging bird feeders, a bird table and two bird boxes used by great tits and blue tits.’