Meaning of bluetongue in English:



mass noun
  • An insect-borne viral disease of sheep (transmissible with less serious effects to cattle and goats), characterized by fever, lameness, and a blue, swollen mouth and tongue.

    • ‘C. sonorensis are known to be disease carriers, or vectors, that transmit bluetongue and epizootic hemorrhagic viruses among livestock and wildlife.’
    • ‘Outbreaks of bluetongue disease, a viral disease of sheep, have been reported in Bulgaria and Sardinia, locations where the disease was previously unknown.’
    • ‘A doctor from the Institute for Animal Health said: ‘This year the bluetongue virus reached Sardinia, Sicily, Corsica and mainland Italy for the first time.’’
    • ‘In August 2006, Dutch authorities reported the first ever case of bluetongue in Northern Europe.’
    • ‘The first case of "bluetongue" disease has been detected in France, the French Agriculture Ministry said on Thursday.’