Meaning of BME in English:



  • Black and minority ethnic (used to refer to members of non-white communities in the UK)

    ‘the research was based on focus groups of BME mothers of children under five.’
    • ‘However, only 1% of the organisation's chief executive posts are held by BME staff.’
    • ‘Sandie said: "There is a lack of understanding of other cultures in this area and through that lack of understanding and misinformation, people can be suspicious of BME groups."’
    • ‘Regionally, London has the highest number of black and minority ethnic businesses with 38 per cent of all BME businesses.’
    • ‘Academics believe the success of BME businesses is partly due to their ability to draw on their families and communities for labour and capital.’
    • ‘It adds that many of the older established BME groups are still finding it difficult, and are in urgent need of advocacy services.’