Meaning of bo-peep in English:


Pronunciation /bəʊˈpiːp/


informal Australian, New Zealand
  • A quick look.

    • ‘I just took a Bo peep at that awful video of you, and I gotta say, that's some ugly head you got.’
    • ‘I just had a bo peep at this album and boy, did you hit the jackpot here.’
    • ‘Following the advice from a fellow techie who had worked on it before, I had a bo-peep with the back off and the room lights out and there it was.’
    • ‘As an added bonus it appears that customs have had a bo'peep inside the parcel.’
    • ‘Don't take my word for it: check it out for yourself and ask your panel to have a bo peep themselves.’


Early 16th century (originally denoting a game of hiding and reappearing): from bo, an exclamation intended to startle someone (compare with boo) + the verb peep. The current sense dates from the 1940s.