Meaning of boarding in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɔːdɪŋ/

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mass noun
  • 1Long, flat, thin pieces of wood used to build or cover something.

    ‘Not having bothered to use the door, the undead cadavers had simply punched a hole through the wall as if it had been thin wooden boarding.’
    • ‘I remember coming off the end of the slide and hitting a big piece of plastic boarding.’
    • ‘Church leaders have been forced to cover the windows with iron grilles and wooden boarding and the building's insurers have almost trebled the premiums.’
    • ‘The floor is bare wooden boarding and stone, and the two solid walls are mainly bare brickwork, with some arty motifs attached.’
    • ‘The investigator then pressed his face against the weathered boarding, his eye even with the hole.’
    • ‘He also replaced the chestnut paling with a chain link fence supported by steel posts concreted into the ground and covered to 1/3 of its height by wooden boarding.’
    • ‘He had been standing at eaves level, beneath a beamed roof on temporary boarding, which was resting on joists.’
    • ‘Instead of boarding, the ceiling was reconstructed using 1.5in thick plaster on mesh as a fire retardant.’
    • ‘The walls were a pale pink, with white boarding.’
    • ‘The boarding of the wooden dock creaked and groaned under their feet as they walked briskly to the waterfront, they walked in silence, Vicky knew how hard this must be for him.’
    • ‘Then mother and babe had turned and disappeared under the shop's torn awning and the three men set about finding some boarding for the broken window.’
    • ‘Tests showed a 4mm-thick section of the special boarding will cut the power of the wave by 97 per cent.’
    • ‘Yesterday, it was no longer in place but another one on the same boarding, advertising an internet gambling service, had been painted over.’
  • 2The arrangement according to which pupils live in school during term time.

    ‘the advantages of boarding’
    • ‘students all had to pay boarding fees’
    • ‘Ampleforth College has today offered free boarding to all day pupils during the present phase of the foot and mouth disease outbreak.’
    • ‘We tried boarding schools, weekly boarding, day schools - she'd go for a term or two, then she would want to move on.’
    • ‘The secondary school will continue to welcome students but the tradition of boarding, begun in 1782, will cease after this academic year.’
    • ‘The two main elements in the fee are tuition and boarding and the level of fee normally increases from the junior to the senior school.’
    • ‘The annual cost of boarding at Gordonstoun is £21,789 per pupil - just £2,000 less than renowned Eton College.’
    • ‘The one-acre campus of the Mahavidyalaya provides boarding and education for about 250 resident male students.’
    • ‘The cost of maintaining a student at university for one academic year is around N $7000, excluding boarding and lodging.’
    • ‘There's some college in California that is considering offering me a full scholarship and possibly free boarding.’
    • ‘This prescription now forces them to go out and struggle for tuition and boarding elsewhere.’
    • ‘At senior schools the average annual day fee is £10,650 and for boarding is £16,455.’
    • ‘The added cost of travel and boarding proved too much for many parents and there has been a significant pupil dropout after grade 8.’
    • ‘Monday to Friday boarding is an excellent solution for families with two working parents.’
    • ‘I am a much respected languages teacher at an international school near Pattaya, and incidentally, I am also the head of boarding of this particular school.’
    • ‘Hailing from a humble Christian home, he has to make do with whatever food is dished out to him in the school boarding.’
    • ‘All former boarders are welcome to come along to visit the College, perhaps meet some old friends, revisit former days and mark the closure of boarding at St Kierans.’
    • ‘It was all boarding up to the mid 1980s and now we have a majority of students who are dayboys.’
    • ‘The selected girls will be provided free boarding, lodging, kits, training, medical facilities and education.’
    • ‘According to the Headmistress, children place such a drain on the average family budget that boarding can actually be an economy.’
    • ‘Annie's move to Butterstone, which takes 45 children and where she is now in her third year, was not without its traumas, especially as it meant weekly boarding.’
    • ‘But I think what it has done is underline the stability, camaraderie, support and family aspects of boarding.’
  • 3The action of getting on or into a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle.

    ‘remember to buy your tickets before boarding’
    • ‘The illegal boarding of ships and seizure of cargo has in the past been considered an act of war.’
    • ‘However, you may not know the actual time of boarding until the day before or day of boarding.’
    • ‘And she did not have much time to acclimatise - she carried out her first boarding within an hour of taking up her station, and found 300 tonnes of illegal oil on a cargo dhow.’
    • ‘A captain leans against the door, white smile against the sooty face of engineers behind him, while we stand by and understand his weird language, his pleas to crewmen for their boarding.’
    • ‘Just after boarding was complete he activated the first signal and pictured in his mind the valves being blown so that there would be gas leaks all over the building.’
    • ‘These include reciprocal access to member airlines' lounges, priority check-in, standby, and preferred seating and boarding.’
    • ‘The boarding had taken place after 9 p.m., and Duke still was alone on Economy.’
    • ‘The boarding and takeoff found me only slightly out of sorts; an irritating whining noise near the gate was troubling me.’
    • ‘Quick boarding is one of the key's to the airline's business model.’
    • ‘Time went by and the next announcement promised boarding at 18.00.’
    • ‘Low floor buses would be a boon to disabled passengers, the elderly, and parents with children, because of the ease of boarding and alighting.’
    • ‘The final boarding was about to start, and as soon as she got on that plane… Tomoko would be lost to her.’
    • ‘With a glance at my watch, I start running faster, realizing boarding could start any minute.’
    • ‘Request a water-side seat at time of boarding and you'll be treated to some amazing views along the way.’
    • ‘The terminal is pretty and colourful, with friendly stewards, easy baggage check and boarding, and a smooth take-off.’
    • ‘Would that mean that at the junction of the two you would be operating entirely different services with passengers having to engage in the tiresome business of alighting and boarding?’
    • ‘However airport security personnel may delay your boarding as they check it out or even insist that they check it for you and deliver it after your flight.’
    • ‘It is mandatory for the travel service to help customers register with routine boarding and departure.’
    • ‘Truly, a clean market and peaceful boarding of taxis would be the ideal scenario at the Open Market.’
    • ‘Refunds to passengers denied boarding will only go to those who have paid fully flexible fares.’
  • 4Ice Hockey
    The illegal action of body-checking an opponent violently into the boards from behind.

    ‘A player can be assessed either a minor or major penalty for boarding, and in many cases more severe penalties or suspensions will be assessed, because players can be very badly hurt from this.’
    • ‘He was given a five-minute penalty for boarding and a game misconduct call, but that didn't satisfy the Sharks.’
    • ‘He got a five-minute major penalty for boarding, and a game misconduct for something vaguely felonious.’