Meaning of boarding school in English:

boarding school


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  • A school which provides accommodation and meals for the pupils during term time.

    ‘She suggested single sex schools, boarding schools and prep schools would feel the financial pinch.’
    • ‘Unlike the boarding schools, day schools would find difficulty in training daily, with a number of pupils playing more than one code.’
    • ‘The school has an excellent record of subsequent entrance to all West London day schools, boarding schools with a handful of scholarships each year.’
    • ‘But the time and opportunity provided in boarding schools for various activities were not available in other schools.’
    • ‘The firm will also be targeting boarding schools, student accommodation and house builders as part of the marketing strategy.’
    • ‘Ski academies are boarding schools that offer not only a good education but a chance to train and race.’
    • ‘In Scotland most of the major boarding schools provide a bar on the premises.’
    • ‘In Guatemala, schoolchildren generally attend private or boarding schools, if their parents can afford it.’
    • ‘In the decades that followed their inception, Indian boarding schools changed little in their attitude and mission.’
    • ‘The books were then distributed among subject teachers in four boarding schools in a diocese the area of about three English counties.’
    • ‘One has had an expensive boarding school background and the other has a father who can afford to pamper her.’
    • ‘It excludes children under two years of age and adults who live in university dormitories, boarding schools, army barracks and hospital patients.’
    • ‘Some Cherokee students attended government boarding schools for Indians, but the majority were in public schools.’
    • ‘On the other frequency, teachers in boarding schools complain that they do not get enough support from parents who tend to rely excessively on the school.’
    • ‘I care because they're sending me to a boarding school that just turned co-ed this year.’
    • ‘That meant no second rate boarding schools, and above all: no public school.’
    • ‘Tuition at the more prestigious high schools, which are all boarding schools, is very expensive.’
    • ‘Some of the schools had developed into non-local boarding schools: from these emerged the public school.’
    • ‘The boy's behavioural problems had led to his leaving primary school at ten and going to boarding schools paid for by the state.’
    • ‘Day schools are going to be cheaper than boarding schools, of course.’