Meaning of boater in English:



  • 1A flat-topped hardened straw hat with a brim.

    • ‘The men wear flat caps, bowlers, straw boaters, trilbies, toppers; the women shawls or floral hats.’
    • ‘I have spotted flat caps, straw boaters, and one trilby.’
    • ‘Standing idly beside them are the ‘drivers’, who, with their straw boaters and white shirts and trousers would not look out of place beside a punt in Oxford or Cambridge.’
    • ‘What a colourful sight the gondoliers make in their straw boaters and striped sweaters, but we heard none of them singing.’
    • ‘Between the ages of 10 and 13, Martin stood outside the front gates wearing a straw boater and bow tie while selling guidebooks.’
    • ‘We had these hats called cheese-cutters, or straw boaters.’
    • ‘Straw boaters, summer bonnets and picnic baskets will be the order of the day although limited refreshments will be provided at the venue.’
    • ‘A number of the instrumentals evoke chaps in bowties and straw boaters.’
    • ‘This will have been the last year where the only costumes you see are one guy wearing a straw boater and a middle-aged drag queen dressed as a cheerleader in cowboy boots.’
    • ‘Mr Pearce was raising money for the international charity Water for Kids and dressed in a Victorian style bathing suit and straw boater.’
    • ‘Many of those pressing forward to get a good look sported those snappy straw boaters.’
    • ‘Visitors dressed in straw boaters were entertained by various attractions, not least the upbeat swing of the Mainline Jazz band, kitted out in waistcoats and open-necked shirts.’
    • ‘But inwardly, you're in a linen suit, wearing a straw boater and swinging a walking stick.’
    • ‘‘Mine was a straw boater which had daffodils and ivy glued onto it,’ she said.’
    • ‘I had to wear a straw boater as part of the uniform, which I thought was weird, and they were pretty handy when it came to discipline.’
    • ‘Frizzy-haired beauties in starched blouses and boaters, fat pasty babies in frocks, scowling matrons in black tents, young men with moustaches striking jokey poses.’
    • ‘Spectators were well dressed, with men in boaters and women in hats, and were served tea at white tables on the lawn in the front of the club house.’
    • ‘A blonde and two male companions in boaters and bathing suits recreated the 1920s, along with eye-catching flapper girls in neon pink.’
    • ‘In summer we wore a navy cotton dress and straw boater.’
    • ‘Caps were compulsory for street wear, or boaters usually for prefects or senior students.’
  • 2A person who uses or travels in a boat for pleasure.

    • ‘Speeding to the aid of boat manufacturers, marinas and pleasure boaters, Norton is trying to weaken protections for Florida's endangered manatees.’
    • ‘Instead, speeding to the aid of boat manufacturers, marinas and pleasure boaters, she's trying to weaken protections for the imperiled sea cows.’
    • ‘It will allow local and visiting recreational boaters to travel along the coast, stop at a variety of overnight accommodations, visit local attractions, and use local services.’
    • ‘With the arrival of pleasure boaters, I cannot see what the attraction will be for people who aren't boating enthusiasts.’
    • ‘Apparently the section cannot adequately host the interests of both angling and boating fraternities and the boaters have taken preference.’
    • ‘This is favourite area for ramblers that use the footpaths next to this land, also birdwatchers, anglers and pleasure boaters along the canal.’
    • ‘An estimated 4,000 to 10,000 pleasure boaters will take to the water this summer.’
    • ‘Gibson also warned boaters that their boat trailers may not be safe.’
    • ‘Where noise complaints continue, new, tougher and more restrictive legislation is often enacted to assure that boaters will operate their boats quietly.’
    • ‘Dark or near-dark conditions send the pleasure boaters home and open the lake to fishing, but same as at high noon, bass will concentrate in specific spots.’
    • ‘The problem is many pleasure boaters coming south in the winter do not realize whales are around, Slay said.’
    • ‘The CourseLine began as a toll-free hotline to link boaters to nearby boating courses.’
    • ‘That a majority of boats and boaters were in compliance with marine safety regulations is the good news.’
    • ‘We'll also soon be unveiling a new program for boaters who trailer their boats.’
    • ‘The number of boaters who die in boating accidents due to lack of a life jacket is still four out of five.’
    • ‘No matter at what age we discovered boating, we are boaters for life and are proud to do it right.’
    • ‘Nor is it a boat club, where boaters pay a fee for unlimited access to a fleet of boats at one location.’
    • ‘As a choice for the discerning boater, character boats are actually not just about good looks; they do have a practical side.’
    • ‘On the water, the only thing more important than a safe boat is a safe boater.’
    • ‘Over the weekend, patrol crafts of the administration saved 12 boaters, eight on a Zhejiang fishing boat and four on a Shanghai boat.’