Meaning of bodge in English:


Pronunciation /bɒdʒ/

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[with object]informal British
  • Make or repair (something) badly or clumsily.

    • ‘the door was bodged together from old planks’
    • ‘I had to bodge it here and there, for example where screw holes didn't align properly, but the point is this: it works and it sounds great.’
    • ‘After about 30 minutes of desperately attempting to fix the tube and figure out some way of bodging the tyre, I gave up and called Heather.’
    • ‘It would have involved ripping out a bit of skirting board to give us another half-inch of room and then bodging the tracking so that it ran pretty close to the wall.’
    • ‘I've been contacted by another victim who, having been sold a criminally bodged car, is now plotting his revenge.’
    • ‘I hurried to get the snap which just meant that I bodged the job and had to do it again.’
    • ‘They are produced by money-hungry bodge artists in garages and back rooms using outdated pill presses and ingredients that could well make most people's hair stand on end if they ever knew what they were.’
    • ‘This Christmas your hopeless home-improver can be the star of a prime time competition - and if they don't learn how do it properly, they'll never be allowed to bodge a job again.’
    • ‘They later made a second Chernobylesque blunder by bodging a highly-explosive warhead part back together with tape.’
    • ‘After being patronised by the check-in assistant you find that your room, whilst ostensibly plush, contains at least one fitting that has been bodged at an angle that isn't quite straight.’
    • ‘All the pipes and things that stuck out, none of which I understood, looked like they were meant to be within the structure but just didn't fit so they had to be bodged on the outside.’
    • ‘Elderly residents have been left for weeks with half-finished kitchens and bathrooms, property has been damaged and some work badly bodged.’
    • ‘There's nothing particularly interesting about Mad Hatter, which is exactly the kind of crash-a-minute bodge you'd expect to get from throwing Helix software and Mozilla into a Linux distribution.’
    • ‘However, if you lost one of those springloaded clips, a replacement would not be as easily bodged together as with the Tennmax ones.’
    • ‘I turn on my computer, going again to the typing program Dann and I bodged together.’
    • ‘He laughably said it was a one bedroom place, when in fact it was a bedsit in which he'd made an awfully bodged attempt to incorporate a separate bedroom.’
    • ‘You hear a lot of nonsense about craft and craftsmanship; but the truth is that in order to publish anything you have to be prepared to bodge and skimp: you have to believe that this, after all, will do.’
    • ‘Fortunately I figured out a bodge - a large lump of wood on a stick to be placed over the doorway.’
    • ‘The end result is usually a bodged job, endless delays or even unfinished work, but home owners have little or no comeback when things go belly-up.’
    • ‘Critics said it was a bodged job, a recipe for chaos and disaster.’
    • ‘They contain another bodged compromise that will create further confusion and conflict.’
    bungle, do badly, do clumsily, make a mess of, mismanage, mishandle, mangle, fumble
    mess, fiasco, debacle, blunder, failure, wreck


Mid 16th century alteration of botch.