Meaning of bodger in English:


Pronunciation /bɒdʒə/


informal British
  • A person who makes or repairs something badly or clumsily.

    • ‘Those well enough off to employ a professional electrician will continue to do so, and the lethal bodgers, against whom the legislation is directed, will in all probability also carry on just as before.’
    • ‘Still, this recommendation came too late for the National Audit Office, which, in August, slammed Blair's bodgers for wasting £1.6 billion on a computer system intended to crack down on benefit fraud.’
    • ‘The tools the bodger used were few and commonplace, including an axe and a cross-cut saw for felling the timber, although in recent years these have been replaced by a modern chainsaw.’
    • ‘Take a look round the guy's garage - if his toolkit is just a big hammer then suspect a bodger.’
    • ‘I read somewhere: ‘As any inept DIY bodger could tell you, whitewash applied carefully and thinly, will last years.’’
    fool, idiot, dolt, nincompoop, blockhead, dunce, dunderhead, simpleton, ignoramus, donkey, jackass, dullard


informal Australian
another term for bodgie