Meaning of bodgie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɒdʒi/

nounplural noun bodgies

informal Australian, New Zealand
  • A youth, especially of the 1950s, analogous to the British Teddy boy.

    • ‘It had fed bodgies and sailors and long-haired louts imitating The Beatles, as well as those kissing couples who had met at the Be-Bops dance on Saturday night.’


(also bodgy)
informal Australian, New Zealand
  • Worthless or inferior; false.

    • ‘a bodgie second-hand car with bodgie number plates’
    • ‘the handing out of bodgy licenses is a serious health and safety problem’
    • ‘Support the capacity for the Government to fine companies who introduce bodgie patents.’
    • ‘We see the manipulation of bodgie science in order to maintain political conclusions.’
    • ‘So that is what makes the exhibit K a bodgie copy, a fake copy.’
    • ‘It would be a pretty bodgie public policy if it operated that way.’
    • ‘Let us quote the official figures, not the bodgie rhetoric from the National Opposition.’
    • ‘Second string athletes like discus throwers are stuck with bodgie second rate Ukrainian made growth hormone as opposed to the top notch American stuff.’
    • ‘It would have been wrong to support the bodgie and unnecessary legislation.’


Probably from bodger, a term said to have arisen as a result of the post-war black market trade in cloth in Sydney: when inferior cloth was passed off as American-made, it was called bodgie, extended to denote any young man who adopted an American accent and manner.